I am a time traveler from 2050

Hi I m traveler from 2050

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Welcome! Feel free to share some details about your story, interested in hearing it.

Hey, welcome!

Wanna share your story? What can you tell us?


I am Italian speaking I will have to look for translation

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Google Translate works pretty well:

I will look and see what other options I can implement for non-native English speakers here, also.

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How are the situations in the future

what concepts from the present seem absurd to you?

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Hello Nicolas, nice to meet you,

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Ok thank you kind it works

I’ve always been curious about why this forum attracts people from Italy. Is it always the same italian? Does Italy have a time travel culture we don’t know about?

So many questions :joy:


I believe you were a previous user here or on Paranormalis, because your name sounds familiar.


Credo che tu fossi un utente precedente qui o su Paranormalis, perché il tuo nome suona familiare.

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Yes, i’ mglad you remember me!

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8’m Swiss 8 write to you from there, is nothing to laugh about

Were you born on 1975?

Yes, I’m born 1975, swiss

Good to know they allow people your age to time travel. I mean, allowing a 75 years old going through a bent space-time indicates it’s a pretty safe journey! Or maybe they didn’t have a choice?

What’s your story?


In my future there aren’t any trees, everything has become artificial (nature), it’s rere to find any real eco.

How and why did you come to 2021?

Welcome back, Nicolas :slight_smile:

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Hey man, thanks! Nice work you did here :ok_hand:t6:

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Would love to hear some details.