Human Faced Fish

I remember that from being archived. It reminds me like it might come on from Pripyat river Eurasia in Ukraine from Chernobyl. Or something like from fictional H. P. Lovecraft book novels Sega Dreamcast hardware business era videogame console Fisherman starring Leonard Nimoy possibly.
Or after taking some Psychocylobin LSD mushrooms drugs getting high.
Some sort of optical illussion of seeing such weird looking human shaped fish face possibly caused by Chernobyl toxic waters radiations.
Deja vu.

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What do you mean ? That’s quite a cute angry fish :rofl:

Hey @gamerz31w welcome back!

Check this one out:

Super creepy… I would do a 180 and go do something else if I encountered one of these.

It seems that there are several species of similar fish, but nothing abnormal about them, I think.

Or maybe Voodoo magic?