He Chose Wisely - Time Travel Institute

Dear Pamela, 

I know that you dearly miss your friend John. 

We cherish every moment we shared with Him on the BBS. 

When I think of the Secret Song He gave you. 

It brings joy to my heart. 

I’m happy you are the chosen one. 

He chose wisely. 

May time be kind to you. 

Until John returns. 

Bless Him and bless you. 

Bless the Secret Song.

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Pamela has been active both on TTI and on Paranormalis over the past 2 decades. I didn’t interact that often with her. But the one thing I remember the most about Pamela is how nice she is. This scroll celebrates her in this way. Her nature and attitude really shows that John chose her wisely. We haven’t heard of her in a while, so I hope she’s going well.