Have you ever seen a UFO/UAP?

  • I’ve definitely seen something
  • I might have seen something
  • I’ve never seen anything

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Have you ever seen anything strange in the sky?

There’s been two times when I MIGHT have seen something:

I was in 1st or 2nd grade, so this was the late 1980s. We lived in Northern California in the Rohnert Park area, and were driving along Emily Ave coming home from school. In this part of town, you can see some of the valley hillside off in the distance

The trees are much taller 30+ years later so I’m not sure where exactly I saw it from along the route home, but it was around Emily Ave or Ellen St, looking out my passenger window able to see those hills.

High above that hillside in the distance was a cigar-shaped craft moving slowly to the left… It was not a plane from what I could see, I’d never witnessed anything like it (and I was a little boy who loved machines and gadgets). No wings, just an oblong shape about this size from my vantage point (the red thing in the sky):

I observed it for a moment before turning to my mom to point it out, but when I turned back it was gone, and then we turned down another street so I couldn’t see the hillside anymore. I’ve never seen anything similar to that since then.

The second time was in 1997. I was sleeping on our trampoline one night (one of the big fourteen footers), listening to Art Bell and staring at the stars. This was in the Happy Valley, OR area near Sunny Side Rd. It would have been extremely late because Art was only halfway through his show, but I started to notice a triangular formation of lights that appeared to be moving high across the sky.

The stars were out and I didn’t have my glasses, so at first I thought it was just starlight and my brain playing tricks on me. The lights were about the size of the other stars, but a bit brighter and weren’t “twinkling”.

I stared at it for a long time trying to figure out what I was seeing. It was slow moving, but after observing for a few minutes I could determine the three lights were definitely moving independently of the stars around it, and at one point could tell that stars it passed in front of weren’t visible. It appeared to be about half or a third the size of my hand held at arm’s length. I have no frame of reference for how big or high it actually was though.

I ran inside to get my glasses, but couldn’t find it again after I came back. I spent most of the night into the early hours taking my glasses on and off trying to figure out what I’d been seeing, but couldn’t reproduce it and eventually fell asleep.

I’d be interested in hearing about any encounters you might have had in this thread!

Hello, yes I have.

What did it look like? Anything special happened?

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