Elevator Ritual

With elevator ritual I would like to pay visit at least to Christine Cavanaugh in afterlife. To ask at least her for taking selfie and giving me her of some autograph to ask her politely to sign for me.

Are you referring to this ritual? The elevator game?

More like to real life,real world,in real life. Ancient,mythical paranormal activity like summoning Bloody Mary taking you to hell by mirror instead of painting like in Super Mario 64 videogame/computer game.

Here’s a proof.
There has been an urban legend in Asia for some time that says that if you take the elevator and do the right job, you can go straight to hell.
As in every legend, there is a grain of truth in this one. Many people associate “The Elevator Ritual” with the extremely mysterious death of Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old student from Vancouver, Canada. But let’s start from the beginning.
First, find a ten-story building, then take the elevator to the designated floors:

third floor
eighth floor
ground floor
second floor
fifth floor
When the player is on the fifth floor, a young woman enters the elevator. The instructions forbid you to look at her, much less talk to her. Unfortunately, it’s not what it seems. However, you should press the button for the first floor and wait for what happens. If the elevator starts going to the tenth floor (instead of the first), you can continue the ritual. However, if it takes the unfortunate to the selected first floor, you should immediately take your legs to the waist, without looking back. However, if the elevator takes the player to the tenth floor, and the only people left in it are the player and the mysterious woman, know that you have gone to another world.

So far, few people have managed to survive the ritual. A select few said that they smelled sulfur coming from behind the elevator, saw a sea of ​​blood and felt terrible, even panic fear.

The urban legend of the haunted elevator has been linked to the death of Elisa Lam for some time. There is an assumption that the student wanted to test the theory about “The Elevator Ritual” and get to another world using the elevator.

Elisa checked into the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles in late January 2013. The first hours of her stay did not herald the coming tragedy, but on the third day the young woman began to see and hear disturbing things, including prophecies of her own death.

The footage from the industrial camera placed in the elevator is the last one where the girl is seen alive. It shows how he presses buttons in a strange way, enters and exits the elevator several times (oddly enough, the door remains open - although it should close automatically), makes movements with his hands and talks to an invisible interlocutor.
2 weeks later, Elisa Lam’s body is found in one of the 4 water tanks on the roof. An interesting fact is that outsiders were not allowed on the roof. The autopsy results showed no evidence of murder, drugs or other substances.
Here’s a proof of source material.

So, if you’re not allowed to look at or talk to “the mysterious woman” how do you know whether or not the woman is on the elevator on the 5th or 10th floor?

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Who knows of what unknown,mysterious woman could do if someone will look at her? Maybe she do nothing,maybe wound someone,kill someone or someone get lost because of her.
Anyway well aren’t elevators suppose to have something similar to calculators,but less LCD screens with colorful digital numbers telling anyone in which Floors they could be speaking of such people being ready to experiment.

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Oh okay. I guess so. So sorry about it.

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