Either a time-traveler, a universe-hopper, or just very confused

Well, before I go into more detail as to what the title means, I’d like to clarify something. I have a terrible memory and you may take that as you will. My memory of… before is quite vague. Please bear with me.

So I’m not necessarily sure if I’m a time traveler, per sé? But I most certainly think I’m from (or have at least been to?) an alternate universe. I believe my circumstances and location were entirely different, but it was a long time ago, and I hardly remember anything beyond a couple of years ago at best. I just learned about this website and I supposed that the community here might have some idea of alternate worlds or timelines or something like that. I’d love to hear a similar experience, but if you have a thought or question I’d really like to hear it because I want to know more about this myself, and it bothers me how little I remember right now.

What I know:

  • I lived somewhere very very different from where I live now. I currently live in Ohio, US. I live in an extremely rural area. It’s a very brown place with deadly humidity in the summer and very wet winters. In my memory of the “other” place (which is what I suppose I shall call it), I did not live in a rural area. I believe I lived in a city. And a rather clean one. There was a place near my house(or apartment maybe? Don’t remember) that I think I went to often. There was a light grey brick road leading to a place with some fences and trees, so I think it was a park. This is the place I remember best. The humidity was more mild in the summer, and I recall summers being a bit more breezy there. Winter was snowy as heck.

  • I fairly often recall events that I realize never happened, or that other people claim never happened, even though I remember them well.

  • My accent doesn’t match the accent of anyone else in my family, and never has.

  • I get told of events that I was present for/a major part of that I don’t remember

  • this one is a bit more internal, but no matter where I am, I never feel like I’m at home. My house feels like staying over at a relative’s house.

  • I’ve lived in the same place for my entire life, and cannot recall a place like the park I described that I’ve visited.

  • I tend to feel older than I am and I catch myself thinking nostalgically about things that came before my time.

There are some things I’m not thinking of right now but I guess I’ll reply them when they come to mind. Does anyone know anything about alternate realities?

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Welcome to TTI, @ Ganymede! Interesting scenario; happy to help however we can.

Can you give me a few example of this? Your most clear or interesting recollections if you can, but any information is great. I’ve got to get back to work so apologies for the short post - I will add some more thoughts later.

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It’s usually small stuff. Someone famous has died on the news, and I think, “no, wait, didn’t he die a year ago?”
One of the ones I noticed one time was that when I was a bit younger I was headed to a nearby lake to see a fireworks show. I believe my mother was driving. We got behind a very drunk driver — he nearly hit a few people, actually. We decided to report him to local authorities. I wrote down his license plate and such. My father called the authorities and reported the driver. We then proceeded to the lake, albeit a bit more late. No one in my family seems to remember this day at all. And when I think about it, I realize that I can’t exactly put a year to it.
There are other times like this that I’m not thinking of at the moment, though I shall tell you if they come to mind.


Hello, and welcome! That’s very interesting though. Sometimes I have the same feeling specially about the age… You ever felt that you know to much for your age? Like, you have knowledge of things that you don’t know how or why… For example, the other day I saw my friend fixing his car, and he didn’t know how to take something from it, and I just did automatically and explained to him why should be done like that… I don’t know how I could know that… Both of us were surprised. I know nothing about cars, I don’t even have a license. But I just looked at it and automatically I knew what to do. That’s also happens with another’s languages… I live in Europe, so we have a lot of different countries with different languages, and I understand most of them. I never took a course to learn other languages, still, I speak fluent English, like is my second language. And like you said, I don’t have an accent like all my family and friends do. Sometimes I ask myself if it’s possible that I have memories now, from my future “me” who was able to time travel.


Yes, very much like that! My friends have actually just started asking me about any random thing they need help with because there’s a chance I know how to do it even though I have absolutely no experience. Sometimes I’ll be explaining something to them, and I have to add something like, “I mean, at least I assume that’s how you do it,” because I realize that I’ve actually never done it before. I’m glad you’ve come with a similar experience. For me, though, I really feel like I can remember pieces of things that I know never happened. Today I actually started keeping notes as to what I remember about the location because I really want to see if I can find it on Google Earth or something.


Hello everyone :wave: :wave:,
I’m not sure, but the only thing I can think of is that your mind is somehow linked to your “alternate universe” version & not only that but with multiple versions. Due to which you may be facing the problem of being unable to recognize your very own memories, i.e. you are unable to find/recollect your own memories because they are mixed up since they all(or most of them) are based upon you.
Well, this just my hypothesis.

and @Evellyn_Cardoso, In your case… There have been many cases scene where the person knows the things which they haven’t learned in their entire lifetime… But sadly no fixed answer/conclusion was reached. And I have very little knowledge in this field… But I can only think of 2 possible answers, viz 1st) either its just “HUNCH” or “GUT FEELING.” & 2nd) Little yet somehow your mind is linked with someone, due to which you have there “KNOWLEDGE” (if that would be the proper word). Again, I’m just guessing it.

Correct me if I’m wrong somewhere & share your opinion.


Hello! Thank you for sharing your point of view. That’s really interesting! I spoke with a psychologist of my family, and she said, that the human brain absorves information from everything we see, listen or touch. And maybe that’s why sometimes we feel that we know things that we never learned. In my case she said it could be from movies I saw, from the news or things that I’m always reading online. Because even though we are not looking for a certain information if its pops up in our screens or in our way, our brain will automatically save that information, “for later” because it might be useful for the future. She said that our brain works by itself, that we have no “control” of it, we just work with it. But she said that’s her opinion and that scientists will always try to find a logical answer for everything.

Sorry for any grammar mistakes, not native English :joy:

Let me know what you guys think of this.


Hmm… Well, that’s a common & simply answer, but it is true. But we have less to none information about human brain… Because according to doctors and scientists human brain is the most complex organ or 1 of the most complex things we have known so far.


That is quite interesting. It makes sense, although I never thought about it in that way. It is true that not much is known about the brain but this is an interesting thing to think about. I’m going to see if I can note when and if this happens to me next.


That actually happens quite often to many of us - we thought someone died, a building appears that was never there, etc. Do we blame it on bad memory or did our consciousness switch timelines?

My parents apparently went to Italy over 10 years ago. I was just informed. How did I not remember this? I didn’t even see pictures. I find it very odd. Normally, I’d be very interested in this and they would show us all the photos and talk about their experiences.

You are not alone. Many of us experience it.


@Ganymede It sounds like you have some past life experiences as well. I have a personal liking and feeling of nostalgia of the old American west. I don’t know why. I do enjoy a good western on TV. Antique shops give me goosebumps and I feel “at home”, though I would never decorate my house with them. (I like modern stuff!) There are so many things scientists just haven’t studied, yet. And coincidence does not exist!


hi Evellyn.

that sounds interesting…please let me know what other situations did you encounter after then.

I suppose you’re right. That’s the way it feels for me sometimes, and I do not believe it is coincidence.

Hey @Ganymede - Checking back in on this. Has anything along these lines happened since I last asked?

Hope you’re doing well.