Do you think CCTV gamers can capture teleporting vehicles?

Do you think CCTV cameras are able to capture real teleporting vehicles?

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If something can be witnessed, it can probably also be recorded. This video in particular though… I don’t see any of those examples being real.

Is there something in the video that stands out to you?

Isn’t it like paranormal activity sightings? CGI used in movies makes everything exagerated fictional computer effects speaking of Modern cinematography.

I always like to rule things out before automatically believing. I keep thinking of something going on with the IR. And you also have to realize that there are students learning how to create and manipulate videos in college. It’s hard to know what to believe anymore. Better to trust your own eyes than a video.
But who knows.

Can you tell me what you mean by “CC TV gamers”? The gamer part confuses me a bit.

Not really, Some can look edited at times and it really has no proof of time travel, as of now time travel isnt real for the public so so many encounters cant be normal for all these cameras to catch. It depends, tbh.