Do you believe our present time is being visited by travelers from the future?

  • Yes
  • No
  • It depends…

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Continuing this from the original forums:

20+ years ago, Time Travel Institute had a poll on it’s home page asking the question “Do you believe our present time is being visited by travelers from the future?”.

In keeping with the spirit of the original site, I thought it’d be nice to restart that poll here and get an idea of what everyone thinks these days. There’s no right or wrong answer; feel free to cast your vote and tell us why you think that way :slight_smile:

I was a no, and then 2020 happened and felt like a full year of the deja vu cat scene from The Matrix.


My theory is, even if time travel exists in 1000 years, it exists now because future humans and aliens are most likely visiting us. I’m pretty sure most sightings we have are ourselves visiting from the future. I don’t know why we’d be so careless, but I suppose they know their past government would cover it up, anyway.


Yes if time-travel did exist it always existed
Because nothing is stopping someone from the far future to meet someone in the past whenever they wanted
and by that logic everyone is must have been influenced or directly made contact with a time traveler in their lifetime

if there is a reason why we have never contacted anyone from the future is either they never time-travelled or they have some rules and norms while contacting us or if not time travel is a real hard thing that only a selected few can do with extreme training and knowledge.