Discussing the original John Titor posts

If you’d like to read the original John Titor posts, those can all be found in our forum archive. The first thread, Time-travel Paradoxes!, was created by user named Paul on October 23, 2000. Titor replies as TimeTravel_0 a few posts fown:

Here is the oldest known archive of the first Titor posts as they originally appeared on TTI:

The second thread, Topics Limited to 11 Pages was created by Titor on January 26, 2001. At the time, the forum software had issues with long threads in which posts after a certain threshold would not show up

Also, keep in mind that Titor never actually registered on the site. All posts were made as a guest, and were later attributed to a manually created profile so the posts could be surfaced more easily.

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I have these on the main site’s John Titor page, but I’ll add them here as well. These are the photos originally shared by John Titor during his time posting here.

I’m not sure what order these came in or what specific context each one had. If anyone knows, please post the information and I’ll update this post with those details.

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