Discussing the original John Titor posts

If you’d like to read the original John Titor posts, those can all be found in our forum archive. The first thread, Time-travel Paradoxes!, was created by user named Paul on October 23, 2000. Titor replies as TimeTravel_0 a few posts fown:

Here is the oldest known archive of the first Titor posts as they originally appeared on TTI:

The second thread, Topics Limited to 11 Pages was created by Titor on January 26, 2001. At the time, the forum software had issues with long threads in which posts after a certain threshold would not show up

Also, keep in mind that Titor never actually registered on the site. All posts were made as a guest, and were later attributed to a manually created profile so the posts could be surfaced more easily.


I have these on the main site’s John Titor page, but I’ll add them here as well. These are the photos originally shared by John Titor during his time posting here.

I’m not sure what order these came in or what specific context each one had. If anyone knows, please post the information and I’ll update this post with those details.


Hello Cosmo,

First of all, The Case of John Titor is extremely sensitive to federal agents and such things, we need to keep these pictures a secret, you know, some governments will try and take them down for “Sensitive Matters”.
But let us ignore that.

Second of all, John Titor is dead by now, the year is 2021, close to 2036, and you might ask “why?” here is why, John Titor has been leaking US Military plans to the whole world in the Internet, Of course for that, he will get executed as fast as possible so they can stop him from leaking anything else, so that means no more TimeTravel_0.

Third of all, I have a word page I wanna make sure that all the information about John Titor is right, If you want me to give you it to confirm it, I’d appreciate that.

and my name isn’t Moe Dolph, don’t call me anything, call me anonymous3156, don’t share any of the information to anyone else when i give you a sneak peek of it.

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Before anything else, I’d like you to elaborate on this. Are you telling me that the US government is going to try and remove these Titor photos?


Well in our time, they will not, but in his time (2036… etc) they will try to, he is leaking some sensitive projects, and not just any normal projects, Military Projects.
So to answer your question, yes they will, but until they find out that he has been leaking these things, (which is 2036…etc) they will try and take him out, and remove the photos.
Quite an honor to speak to you, Cosmo, I totally respect you. Always been a fan.

Good evening gentlemen,

It seems as if my yearly fixation on John Titor has once again returned. This time, it has brought me to you two. It is unlike me to create an account to any sort of site, but this time I couldn’t help myself. My curiosity surely exceeds me. I know you have no reason to trust me, I understand that. I simply need more insight on the matter.
You both have my respect.

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Good morning, Curiosity.

It’s a pleasure to meet you in this website.

I understand that you want more information about John Titor, right? If that is the case, there is a lot of places to know about him, Such as JohnTitor.com or in the topic of “Discussing the original john titor posts” Post in this website.

I hope I helped you in a sort of way.

My pleasure to meet you, Moe.

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Thank you, Moe
I will definitely check out JohnTitor.com and if you know anything beyond public knowledge, please let me know.
Thanks again.

Hello, Curiosity.

JohnTitor.com has probably all the information about John.

But there is a video on youtube that explains the steps of time travelling, it is not confirmed, I think it is, Here is the link: John Titor - YouTube

Watch it, and let me know what you think.

Have a nice day, Moe.

Hello again, Moe

I have to say that is one interesting, and peculiar, video. Deeply intriguing. At the beginning, it listed off the main components of Titor’s time machine. Although it was not mentioned, I would like to point out that his machine travels at about 10 years an hour at maximum power. Which means the only source of oxygen would be from the air trapped around the machine, we would have to bring compressed air along for larger trips. Im sure we can find similarities between Titor’s machine and modern spacecrafts.

Great find. And once again, if you or anyone else may have any nonpublic knowledge, please let me know

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Hello, Curiosity.

I enjoy talking to you about John Titor.

And yes, that video is very interesting, I’m pretty sure, that’s what John Titor sees when he’s in the process of time travelling, which is weird.

And yes, about the only source of air is the air trapped around the machine, the process of time travelling might be so fast (approximately 8 minutes +) that he can still use the air trapped inside his machine.

But we don’t know if he actually gets in the machine for the process, or he doesn’t, maybe he just clicks some button, and then it starts working, because as you can see from the photos (Posted by Cosmo in: https://bbs.timetravelinstitute.com/t/discussing-the-original-john-titor-posts) It is not a machine that’ll you be able to get into.

So therefore the air trapped around the machine theory is wrong, which means he’ll still be able to get oxygen from around the machine and everything around him.

It’s been a pleasure speaking to you, Moe.

And by the way, should we share this to the governments, because this, may be real.

I believe so too.
The following quote is from one of Titor’s posts, back in November of 2000

"No bright flash of light is seen. Outside, the vehicle appears to accelerate as the light is bent around it. We have to wear sunglasses or close our eyes as this happens due to a short burst of ultraviolet radiation.

Personally I think it looks like your driving under a rainbow. After that, it appears to fade to black and remains totally black until the unit is turned off."

Perhaps not yet, may be best to keep this quiet for now.

I think it is those bright colors during the process of the video.

Sir, I think speaking about it is best, But I think i’ll listen to you, and can you please confirm why shouldn’t we?, thank you.

and when is time to speak about it?

Thank you so much, sir. You are such a kind gentleman, thank you.

Of course, It should most definitely be spoken about soon. But it is a matter of presentation, meaning, writing a well written paper may be necessary. One can not simply just ‘share’ with the governments. In summary, preparation would be needed. However long that shall be is purely up to determination.
It has been a pleasure talking with you.

I totally agree with you, sir.

So do you suggest we gather all information that has possibly shared about John Titor?
It is really important in our preparation.

Thank you sir.

the more information we have the better. For something as large as this, it would be best to go into as much detail as possible.

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Totally agreed.

I’ve already gathered some information about John Titor, but we need more work to be put in.

Glad to see such motivation.

Here are some links that I believe may be helpful:
John’s Posts (Video) (keep in mind this is just John’s original posts, which can be found on JohnTitor.com
CERN also has a youtube channel in which they sometimes stream experiments.
-CERN channel