Cybercafé 1998 - Time Travel Institute

Row upon row of tables and computers.

The smell of coffee.

Your daily dose of Internet.

Old ball mouse, bumpy mouse pad.

CRT monitor buzzing, scan lines moving across the screen.

Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer struggling to open.

Weird address-bar suggestions from previous users.

Searching on Yahoo.

Feeling clever when you find the cool stuff.

Share it with your friends on ICQ.

Don’t forget to log out when you’re done!

Ah! Memories of simpler times.

Good memories.

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This one celebrates the early days of the Internet when we didn’t all have the Internet at home.

Back then you’d have to go somewhere - An Internet café, the “computer lab” at your local school, or some other semi-public places that had the Internet and a lab open for everyone outside of office hours.

It feels weird to think that you’d go there, and spend an hour on the Internet. Sometimes you even had to pay. I remember paying a few bucks (1 or 2) per hour of Internet when going to the lab with my dad.

Sorry, I’m not well right now. Lets talk some other time. Meanwhile, please ask the admin to check the logs, thank you!

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