Contact with John Titor

Speaking of what if American government might kill John Titor then what if we could contact with him by Elevator Ritual,LSD(is it the same as Voodoo),Voodoo,Psylocybin mushrooms, or even smoking Marihuana and have contact with him so he could at least explain to us of how did he construct his own time machine in afterlife?

Please stop playing agmes and clear your thoughts


games (looking at your ID) I assume you are a (video) gamer

I don’t think Titor built his time machine. The C204 was manufactured by GE (General Electric) right?

I wonder how old JT would be right now. Perhaps he doesn’t even know yet what his future will be.

I think contacting John Titor through any of the methods you mentioned would be highly unlikely, as these are all forms of altered states of consciousness. While it is possible to experience things that feel “real” in such a state, it’s important to remember that what we experience is ultimately created by our own minds and can’t be taken at face value. It’s also possible to get lost in certain beliefs while in an altered state which could lead us down dangerous paths. I think it’s better to leave contact with John Titor up to the imagination and use our own cognitive abilities instead.

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