CIA and John Titor

I’ve not seen posts regarding the lack of accountability governing the Pentagon. I’m starting a new topic about the CIA’s involvement. The things you’ve read here are far from fiction. John Titor could have very well been a CIA operative. I’m certain there are people who can shed light on the issue.

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What this makes me wonder about, is if the Pentagon and CIA still exist in John’s 2036 post apocalyptic world.

Do you mean that maybe, John might have been involved with the Pentagon/CIA in either 1975 or 2000?

I’m curious to know more about your theory. It’s not something I thought about before.

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There are a few problems with the “John Titor could have very well been a CIA operative” hypothesis.

For example, why would the FBI allow the CIA to encroach on their jurisdiction? The CIA charter gives it international jurisdiction for intelligence operations while the FBI retains domestic jurisdiction. The FBI doesn’t give up domestic jurisdiction to the CIA.

The above presupposes that following a full nuclear exchange between the US and Russia resulting in 3 billion dead worldwide and almost half of the US population dead that there would even be a CIA, FBI and Pentagon left standing in Washington, DC. DC itself would likely cease to exist.

Within the Titor Saga we get a glimpse of Boomer’s (the author) view of soldering during WWIII - The Shotgun Militia - where he, at age 14, carried a shotgun in the militia. A lot of good a shotgun will do in a 21 century infantry battle. Contact in an infantry engagement generally takes place at 200 to 500 meters. A shotgun is good at a maximum of 30-50 meters. Boomer had a 12 boy’s romantic view of what soldering might be. He missed reality by a century of fiction. You can look online at Ukraine and see what 21st century soldering is like in a full on war similar to WWII. (BTW: SMArt precision guided 155mm artillery rounds have been around since 2000 in the NATO/US arsenal. Civilian drones with cameras have been on the market since 2006.) From the war in Ukraine we know exactly what the outcome would be for a Shotgun Militia. The Russian army is sending untrained “shotgun militias” to the front lines in Ukraine where they are almost instantly turned into biomass good for future farming of Ukrainian sunflowers.

In Titor’s Saga Russia is his ally. They win the war together. Have you been following the war in Ukraine? The Russian military is, and has been for almost 2 decades, a corrupt, untrained, extremely poorly equipped unprofessional mess. They can’t defeat their next door neighbor where their lines of supply are the shortest possible let alone take on an opponent across the Atlantic Ocean.

That might be the biggest strike against Titor as being an operator for any US government agency. In his saga the US government was his enemy - Russia was his ally. He fought a war, with Russia as his ally, against the US government not as an agent of the US government.

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To expand on that idea: Once again drawing on the Ukraine conflict, we know that on the modern battlefield US/NATO troops wear ballistic armor. Even with the ballistic armor available in 2000 a shotgun would be almost worthless beyond maybe 5-10 meters. They simply don’t have the penetrating power to defeat modern body armor. They are useful in clearing a building or trench but that’s about their limit of effectiveness.

Boomer was never in the military and, though there is a shotgun in a couple of photos he submitted, it didn’t appear that he had any real experience with shotguns.

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Do you think John Titor is real or fake? Some people claims that he’s fake including his own time machine. Who should I trust? Would he be SWAT,CIA,NSA,MIB,FBI,NATO soldier? Did american government really killed him? Probably it’s none of my business,but I’m just only curious.