Cabins for the kids

We live in a fairly old mobile home here on our homestead, built in 1994. It’s plenty nice, in great shape (with a few things we need to fix up, as you’d expect). With three kids (and a fourth on the way), they’ll be two to a room here though, and I want them to have space of their own.

There’s 16 acres here, no reason we need to keep them on top of each other.

Before we made the jump, we scoured the internet for people who’d done the kinds of things we were interested in. One of my favorite YouTube channels has become BushRadical:

He started out living in the Alaskan wilderness in wall tents and things with his wife, and his channel is full of different kinds of builds and ways to live off the land. He now lives in the midwest on a larger tract of land, and started doing a recreation of the first cabin he built:

This is what I’ll be modeling my kid’s cabins after this one. His is 12x12 with an 8 foot deck, a half loft and plenty of space for a little cylinder stove.

I pointed out where the first two cabins will go in my December 2022 update video here:

However, I’ll use this thread to post updates specific to this project to keep things organized :tent: