Alternate cities within my own city. Also different time periods

Writing a science fiction time travel novel or a small book.

About some guy that walks and does normal time traveling without a permit. About 8 to ten different earth’s wandering about. And one he calls JupiterEarth. Jupiter Earth had longer days and nights. Sometimes walking to the different areas felt like gaming without the gear. There was even no star sky. This city even had the town have spirits within the area. Some older rooms in town had other worldly ones. The town can be tough these days. One version had lots of different off brand companies. Medical centers had the most unusual time travel in town. Driving throughout this state is like time traveling when seeing the rest of the state.

(Reviewing with different real life experiences of mine.) Continuing with the main character and he was walking to different planetsand realities just by being a walker

Any questions please ask.

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A bit of advice if you’re making a career move toward becoming an author: Unless you’ve filed for copyright don’t post your book ideas on the internet. There really are thieves out here in the wild, wild west who would take a good idea and run away with it. Sure, if it was a really good idea that turned into a money making book you could sue for copyright violation even if you hadn’t filed for a copyright with the government. But good luck with that. You’d have to be prepared to come up with several thousands of dollars up front for the attorney and then there would be no guarantees.

Authoring is a business as well as an art. Treat the business side as such and protect your ass…ets.