About the Time Travelers category

For time travel claims, stories and experiences.

A lot of time travelers visit this site (and others). Both confirmed and refuted reports or assertions are included in this discussion category. Since it is usually impossible to identify whether these time travelers are real or the subject of a hoax, let us know what you think of them and why. Additionally, this is where you should analyze their narratives, theories, devices, and anything else associated with them.

We advise against creating your own time machine for both your own protection and the protection of others. We also want to strongly advise against putting your safety or the safety of anyone else in danger. Remember that every website has its own rules, advantages, and disadvantages, and that we do not tolerate any rants, fires, or personal attacks.

The topic that the Time Travel Institute addresses is contentious. There are other interpretations that could be made in addition to the ideas and theories presented on this website by visitors. Remember that there may be more information available on other websites than on ours. You’re welcome to develop a conclusion based on all the information at hand.