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In the days of disco and bell-bottom jeans.

The IMB 5100 ruled the computing scene.

With its magnetic tape and punch card stacks.

It could handle data like no other.

Its 8-bit microprocessor was so rad.

Clocking in at 1.9 MHz, such speed.

And with 16KB of memory.

It could run BASIC programs with flair.

The CRT monitor was a real treat.

With 24 lines of text, it was grand.

Its optional floppy disk drive.

Made file storage a breeze and kept data alive.

So here's to the IMB 5100, a computer so divine,

A true icon of the seventies and a technological shrine.

The computer that shall save our timeline.

A computer we have 5100 reasons to love.

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This scroll celebrates the IBM 5100 and its many amazing features. It’s awesome, both because Titor needed it, and because it was a groundbreaking device back in the 70s. So many reasons to love it!