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My hands are still floppy,
For they are still full of floppy disks.
Each contains 360KB of pure love
Infinite love made of bits and bytes.

So many programs, so many files.
EXE and BAT files.
Full of IT magic and incantations.
Arcane computing, spells and technical miracles.

Games, music in MIDI format.
Pixelated images and digital memories.
Homework and research papers.
A heaven of creativity.

May you preserve my files forever.
O, my sacred 5¼ floppy disks.
I shall pray so that you remain readable for all time.
You and your 360KB of magic, of love.

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In this one, we celebrate 5¼ inch floppy disks. They stored so little, yet, they changed how things worked back in the day.

Totally obsolete now, they were an extraordinary marvel of technology in the 90s.

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Oh the 5¼ inch floppy

Oh, the memories we had
With our trusty floppy disks
In 5 and a quarter inches
They were small, yet so brisk

We stored our files with care
On those disks so shiny and new
And when we needed to retrieve
Our data, they would come right through

We celebrated their speed
And the way they made our work easy
No more cumbersome punch cards
Or paper files that made us queasy

We marveled at their capacity
And how they could hold so much
We could save our favorite tunes
Or store that important touch

But now they’re just a memory
A relic of times gone by
But we still celebrate their legacy
And remember them with a sigh

Oh, the 5 and a quarter floppy
You were so dear to us all
We’ll never forget your contributions
And the way you answered our call