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  1. Re: Newsflash - Energy is THE Truth! it was the 40th attempt at creating a water displacement chemical.
  2. no one will ever know if you can die from dreaming about it, how will anyone know what you were dreaming about if your dead?
  3. I believe the what he said was something along the lines of the olympics not happening after 2004, I don't think he said 2004 Olypimcis would be interupted.
  4. show me a picture from the present
  5. If the future does not exisit. How could you see something that does not exist, such as in a dream? Once you see something does that not mean that it exist?
  6. I think what whenever we remember something from the past we are time traveling mentally. Unless you are speaking of astral time travel, which I think would be the easiest method of time travel.
  7. exactly, that would disprove your theory that what we do effects the future, and that is how our actions could be controled by the future, by leading us to predetermined outcome.
  8. the same way our actions could change the future you still have to prove the future does not already exist.
  9. Can you prove to us that the future does not yet exist? Perhaps the future does exist and it influnces our present actions.
  10. Yeah that helped a little, I was actually starting to doubt the possiblity of time travel. As a child I believed it to be certain that it was possible. Then I started thinking that time was nothing more than a unit of measurement created by man, and if that were the case how could we travel back in a measurement that we created if it was only a number. The theory that time is another dimension would make it possible, in my mind, to travel back and forth.
  11. Re: NE1else read about that discovery at the North anyone have any ideas what could cause this to happen to a chronometer? are you sure? i'm sure there are a lot of big discoveries such as this would be kept quiet.
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