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  1. ok can we please stop all this bickering??
  2. hmm.. colonies on gas planets such as jupiter, saturn, uranus, and neptune. yes chrono are there?
  3. for ok internet security download a free firewall from www.zonelabs.com
  4. http://www.ryano.net/iraq/?1037150 at least you have some believers...
  5. so they ice skate on the planet pluto? aren't it too cold on pluto?
  6. This thread was made for chrono...
  7. i would have let go of chrono's hands but hey. thats me
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3729487.stm this is interesting.. smaller forms of lifeforms that cause disease.
  9. creedo.. listening to you all this time has made me wonder.. are you from the future? i would rather believe that you are then chrono.
  10. this thread is not about chrono. this is about the remodeling of this forums website. i think that chrono needs to start posting in the time travels claims area. thats the only reason that roel (i think thats his name) made that area. just for chrono. so if you dont use it then why dont you leave chrono? seriously. if you would just start posting about ur time travel in the time travel claims instead of here then i would be nicer to you. also dont claim about the future in this forum anymore.
  11. Happy Chrono? you now have a forum to talk about the future and not be accused of flooding. Plus there will be others who amuse us and say that they are infact from the future as you are.
  12. chrono id take this advice and come in under a different name and stop all this nonsense. whoever made this thread you made me laugh but its time to stop all this (censored) and get to the real stuff
  13. 7of9 is hot. i miss watching the next generation. they stopped showing that.
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