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  1. Re: Nonsense from the future / toilets Well, duh! What I'm asking is how did you find us? Seems that quite a few people claiming to be Time Travellers come here & I'm just curios to know how. Is it listed in the Yellow Pages for Time Travellers, for example? :confused:
  2. I'm interested in what you have to say.......so lets hear it? :)
  3. Re: Nonsense from the future / toilets Okay, well I have a question. How did you know where to find this Time Travel Forum when you arrived here in our time? Is there something there which pointed you ( & other Time Travellers ) to this web site? I truly am interested, because it seems that this is really the hub of meeting places for Time Travellers. :) Also, I've been reading a bit about End Times Prophecies & the return of the Anti Christ falsely dressed as the real Christ returning. Have you got anything for us on this? Thanx, looking forward to your reply.
  4. Orion, yeah it is a bit evil of me isn't it? But, its not as if these two people didn't deserve the full wrath of my curse........I may lift it one day, or maybe hell will freeze over first. *evilly chuckling to myself* :D :D :D
  5. Oh dear, not good. Why would anyone do this sort of thing? Well, I believe in curses too & I put one on a couple who screwed around with my livelyhood 8 years ago, guess what? Yep, they are truly doing it tough, their lives have gone down the toilet big time. Good luck with your curse & don't let go of it until you feel vindicated. After 8 years, I still think the curse I put on still needs to stay. ;)
  6. wow, I hope you don't mind me saying so, but that "cockpit" looks very simmilar to my friends Charter Fishing Boat. :confused:
  7. \ I recall something about this too & I recall that it was that no Olympic Games would be held after 2004. I'm just thinking out loud here, but could it be something to do with the predicion that China & Nth Korea would we at war? Maybe they Beijing Olympics can't be held due to a war situation? Just thinking out loud..........& wondering if anyone else remembers the China / Nth Korea war thing?
  8. hey, you know what, I lived thru the 80's so if there's anything you'd like to know you can just ask me okay!! * marvels at the stupidity of some people *
  9. So how about answering my question now with an answer......& not a question? I am genuinely interested in your reasons, if you care to share them. ;)
  10. I'm loving this! Its great to live in the lucky country, not only does the rest of the world think its too far to visit, so does the rest of the universe & beyond! ;)
  11. Hiya DS638 So why don't you tell us how you know that John Titor is a hoax? Its okay to come in here announcing that he is & that you know he is, but where's YOUR proof? thanx. :)
  12. Wow, in 2319 there are FIVE U.S Presidents? :eek:
  13. Hi cheetah, I'll be watching out for this prediction & if it comes true you'll be elevated to legendary status in my eyes! ;)
  14. Re: From a friend of John Titor - al q. Hi Robert, I too would like to know if & when they capture Osama Bin Laden? Welcome to the past, by the way. :)
  15. excellent! a Time Traveller in my neck of the woods! What can you possibly find of interest in Melbourne? :confused:
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