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  1. Countless wars have been the fought over religion in the past. If Creedo knew anything about world history he would know that. Unless your timeline's history is drastically different from mine, you should know of the crusades or the holocaust. Religion was a guide ? More like fuel for a fire of ignorance.
  2. Niether. You will see...well actually that depends. Many religions oppose eachother and there are several "new" ones. Perhaps. Yes, although not in the way one would assume. It still suffers. Smaller and scattered. Race continues to be diverse and often mixed. There is no "winner" in ANY war. ------------------------------------------------------------- Creedo -- You are a fool who obviously does not know world history.
  3. Poverty still exists but not in the same way nor scale that it does in your time. The poor are simply the lazy. Due to the constructs of my community if one participates and is involved then they have no problem suriving. The concept of how my time lives is more communal than individual. The exploitation of races does not exist due to greater "enemies" so to speak. Although the exploitation of religion has taken the place of racial tension. No. Religion has become a major point of contention in my time and is on the verge of ripping the human race apart. War is an issue of religion
  4. ah!, the epic irony that litters the scene! Seeing as I have not recieved an adequate response I shall cease any interaction unless I recieve a response by April 22nd. That is all.
  5. While there are limits to what I can tell you, I invite you to ask intelligent questions. As far as my inquiries are concerned, I need someone to further elaborate. That is all.
  6. 1) What is the current international political status? 2) How far has this time come in the subject of fission energy? 3) Black matter? How far along are you? I ask these questions because it is very common that through time travel one is warped to alternate states of being. We have successfully mapped out most levels. These questions will determine if this is a new discovery. Although we no longer deal with the concept of time as a mesurement it is believed that it is aroudn the year 2101. An abundance of changes have occured, specific questions should give you some insight but th
  7. Would you like the classical definition and workings or the "future" concept? I am sorry but I cannot devulge any "future" concepts regarding gravitational pull because along with many other advancements, it has something to with the interworkings of time "travel". That is all.
  8. My time is limited and you are passing up your only true chance to interact with a legitimate source. I will answer a few questions if necessary but in return I will need some candid information from you. If I do not recieve a response soon I will go on to other avenues. That is all.
  9. Skepticism is inerent in human nature and seeing that I have nothing to gain from validation I have no problem being called "another" one. All I want is for you to answer my questions, the burden of proof is not an issue. That is all.
  10. A leadership role would be favorable but considering that is not the case I must approach this with caution and with a different method which will take some thinking over. As far as your inquiry is concerned, the RA is sort of what you would call a "library". It is a "library" on a much greater scale that is totally electronic and can only be accessed by a select few. It contains all we know of "you" "today" and it is being added and changed constantly. That is all.
  11. hmm....while this is true I must say it has nothing to do with what i have requested. It is no wonder that this interval has such a horrible reputation and records of it can only be found in the depths of the the RA! You people cannot take a hint can you? While I am forbidden to directly state it if you pay close attention you will see. I am not a classically trained anthropoligist, more *modern* if you will. That is all.
  12. Ah...by that do you mean that there is no 'leader' only members with the same breadth of knowledge? I'm on a scouting expedition to implement some new text designs so I won't be here very long. I'm taking a risk by indulging my curiosity so anyone's response would be sufficient. It has no relation to a prime directive so results can be varied and obscure. Any feedback would be desirebale. That is all.
  13. Perhaps I did not make myself clear, I am an anthropologist and would like to ask a few questions to the most knowledgable resident of this time "travel" community. My findings will be used soley for the comprehension of the human pschye in regards to "time" within the context of this specific interval. That is all.
  14. Hello, I am wondering what this community does exactly. Through careful observations I see you worship time or something to that extent, by no means is that a pun. It is evident you idolize many false entities, I only ask why? Perhaps you can aid in some understanding of this environment. It has been proven that the son of insanity is often brilliance, while many subjects here or anywhere never come to fruition there has been some activity worth noting at this specific locale. While many have never delved into this somewhat shamed exchange of ideas that deliberate what is fact now, I plan t
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