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  1. The GOTH Conspiracy w/ ADAM LAMBERT There seems to be some movement with the GOTH and TWIGHLIGHT CONSPIRACY (S).... ADAM LAMBERT concert or special has BEEN CANCELLED due to PARENT OUTRAGE... He is clearly promoting the GOTH LIFESTYLE and BI-SEXUALITY among TWEENS and TEENS... Also, the PUNK ROCK CHICK from NCIS is doing it as well and had her own special with NCIS LOS ANGELES last night showing a true goth club activity... I would watch that episode again... They used the term "Muggles" in the episode which is from the Harry Potter genre and lexicon. We also believe that BIL
  2. HEADS, ARMS, LEGS on VISTA HOTEL - 9/11 Conspiracy Firemen indicated that there were HEADS, aRMS and LEGS on top of the Vista Hotel. WHERE WERE THE BODIES???!!!! And the History Channel has a new episode about the ESCAPE from THE VISTA HOTEL where only 5 People escaped from the hotel. We believe the rest where taken up to the top of the Vistal Hotel and Killed for body parts for the FAKE FLAG OPERATION of 9/11. So it would "support" the "missing people" from the Twin Towers. TheCigMan
  4. FIREMEN SEARCH FOR PLANE PARTS - FLIGHT 77 Firemen at the scene indicate they were looking and collecting plane parts for Plane Flight 77 from Logan Airport. NOT ANY OTHER PLANE! TheCigMan
  5. TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS - MEAT PUPPETS We can tell you now who are the Meat Puppets... It is people who use the following technologies: Cell Phones (Microwaves) PDAs like the Blackberry and iPhone (Microwaves) Personal Computers (CRT scenese and wi-FI (Microwaves) TVs (CRT and 3 Electron Gun Color) Radio Hand Set Phones (Sublimial undetectable tones) Land line phones (Rings have subliminal undectable tones) Microwave Ovens (Microwave Pychotronic Generator in your home) Edison Lights (Pychotronic Lightwave Weapons) The HUMAN BRAIN has a "MICROWAVE LIKE" THOU
  6. 'God Channeling' + Movies + Books- FRAU FARBISSINA We know the possible identity of the character - FRAU FARBISSINA Tina Fey Lorraine Neuman Rosie Shuster (Ex-Wife of Lorne Micheal's) Gilda Radner OR ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! We hear that Lorne Michael's "introduced them" to "S&M" :) lol :)
  7. Re: 'God Channeling' + Movies + Books - MINI-ME We know the possible identity of the character MINI-ME! It is either: Michael J. Fox (Canadian) David Spade (Girly man like Lorne Michael's) Drew Barrymore Rob Schneider Cheri Oteri Other "short" SNL Players OR ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!
  8. JFK - MAGIC BULLET THEORY DEBUNKED TTI, The History Channel has a new episode on the JFK Assassination. Where one pathologist debunks the magic bullet theory. He says there are 2 BULLETS one shot from behind and another shot from the side from the grass knoll or by badge man. The show also states that there are 6 missing minutes from the Schrudder film when the Kennedy limo goes around the turn near the grassy knoll. Something allegedly happened to a sign in front of the grassy knoll that is replaced after the assassination. The show also states that people RUN TOWARDS the GRA
  9. The Real Question -JFK - Men In Blue Dealey Plaza TTI, It seems it was the CIA, RAND, SKULL & BONES and possibly the MEN IN BLUE w/ EAR PIECES who were in Dealey Plaza not the MEN IN BLACK. MEN IN BLACK apparently were in the Dallas Police Station questioning and/or guarding Oswald. (Who may have worked in AREA 51 before Russia and JFK apparently went to AREA 51 to "see things from space" (Aliens?)) TheCigMan
  10. Re: JFK Assassination - Names of The Suspects - ADD We need to add the name Crispen to the suspect list of the JFK assassination. He seems to have been a "fixer" for the Boeing Corporation as well as other "interests" or "organizations". He is also linked to Clay Shaw and/or Clay Bertrum of the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY depicted in the Oliver Stone movie JFK as well possibly David Ferry. There was a great show on Coast to Coast AM - New York 77 AM 1:00AM-5:00AM last night. =================================================================================================== I
  11. 9/11 SECOND TOWER EXPLODED NOT HIT BY PLANE TTI, Here is the "common picture" and "new picture angle" used to "illustrate" a second plane hitting the second building. Now this picture seems be a "grainy phoney photoshop" picture. THIS IS THE REAL EXPLOSION THAT CORRESPONDS TO THE "REGIS and KELLY" BROADCAST - HINT: NO PLANE TheCigMan
  12. 'God Channeling' + Movies + Books - MUSTAFA - A.P. We believe that MUSTAFA is a Shriner or a Mason or maybe a Bildeberger, CFR, Bohemiam Grover... Mustafa may be a SYMBOL for a ORGANIZATION. Possibly the ELKS LODGE or MOOSE LODGE or AMERICAN EAGLE LODGE or SHRINERS or MASONS or FRIARS CLUB - COMPLETE MEMBERSHIP But it may be Comedians from SNL as well.... :) - Chevy Chase - David Spade - Bill Hader - Bill Murray - Billy Crystal - David Letterman - Jay Leno - Andy Samberg - ALL OF MALE SNL CAST Comedians "repeat jokes" just like MUSTAFA needs to be aske
  13. 'God Channeling' + Movies + Books - NO. 2 AUSTIN P TTI, We believe we know who NO. 2 might be from the Austin Powers movie and a "super criminal" in Real Life working for DR. EVILS - LORNE MICHAELS and possibly PAUL SHAFFER. No. 2 maybe... - Al Gore - Donald Trump - Alec Baldwin - Tom Hanks - Steve Martin - Rob Lowe And others who fit the profile of wearing a "SUIT" in their private lives and ROLES in TV and MOVIES. Is "Virtucocn" THE INTERNET???!!! Virtucon the "legitimate face" of COMPLETE EVIL!!! THE SATANIC INTERNET and SURVEILLANCE TOOL that can do "vir
  14. IT IS NO JOKE. TheCigMan ==================================================================================================== It is for my upcoming book and movie deal - Refer to thread - "The Shadow Government" - Search TTI ====================================================================================================
  15. ==================================================================================================== MESSAGE INCOMING: CONFIRMATION CODE - ALPHA BRAVO NINE VECTOR CHARLIE ==================================================================================================== DEFECTOR: LATE NIGHT COMEDIAN CONFESSION OBTAINED: YES - VIA PSI INTEROGATION CONSPIRACY IDENTIFIED: SKULL & BONES IN HARVARD, PRINCETON & YALE & IVY LEAGUE & SEVEN SISTERS COLLEGES INSTRUCTIONS: INVESTIGATE AND ELIMINATE METHODS: ALL METHODS APPROVED Signed, BETA =================
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