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  1. Well, what do you know about the present time besides what you have mentioned?
  2. This is 2004. Or did you mean that you came from the year 2059? I think that you should have posted in the time travel claims forum. Thanks, cpguy
  3. I'll take that on for a challenge while I am gone on vacation until monday. -cpguy
  4. okay, this is kind of strange, but I think it was funny that I didn't realize it... In 'kevinclake2322's profile his aim name is on there and I put it on my buddy list and started talking to him when he was on. I forgot that I put him on there and the first time he was nice and said nothing about time travel. The second time he forgot that he talked to me earlier and he "ignored" me. Just to add that he was a fake. Maybe we should add this one to the time travel claims section? Just to see what people have posted here that have claimed to be from the future. Also, 2322 2522
  5. Chronohistorian, I was wondering what you can talk about of Mars. you said that the first person on mars was a woman, but can you tell me anything more? Did there ever become a civilization on Mars after stepping on it?
  6. That Fact is Hitler is a TOUCHY subject and my grandparents can't even talk or listen to ANYTHING that has happened in WW2 mainly because of Hitler. This isn't a healthy subject to talk about or even debate. I would like that this subject were to be dropped as well. Thanks, cpguy
  7. Re: Graphing Dimensions (eg. time) on Cartesian Pl I hope so too. I enjoyed reading what he had to say.
  8. Re: Calling all time travellers from 2003 and earl Roel- This is what he has always said about himself and not pretending... By the way I was bored... http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=time_travel&Number=22607&Forum=All_Forums&Words=pretend&Match=Entire%20Phrase&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=allposts&Main=22602&Search=true#Post22607 'nicknack-I am not pretending. why would I pretend for over a month?' -Chronohistorian http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=ttclaims&Number=2
  9. It's "cities" and "country" NOT East and West. "From the age of 8 to 12, we lived away from the cities and spent most of our time in a farm community with other families avoiding conflict with the federal police and National Guard. By that time, it was pretty clear that we were not going back to what we had and the division between the "cities" and the "country" was well defined. My father made a living by putting together 12-volt electrical systems and sailing "commodities" up and down the coast of Florida. I spent most of my time helping him." http://johntitor.com/JohnsWar.htm "Were
  10. East and West? That's not what I remember reading... "When the civil "conflict" started and got worse, people generally decided to either stay in the cities and lose most of their civil rights under the guise of security or leave the cities for more isolated and rural areas. Our home was searched once and the neighbor across the street was arrested for some unknown reason. That convinced my father to leave the city." http://johntitor.com/JohnsWar.htm Maybe it should be closed down so that there is no record of John Titor and his story so that you can say whatever you want on the st
  11. Chrono- If they ever ban you from here, you have a place where people can talk to you at the other forum.
  12. If you think that he should leave. Well, I have made another forum for him on a message board site just for him to talk to people since he won't stop talking here. I think that that should be a good agreement that if he leaves TTI then he will be at this new forum. Which is... http://heisfrom2522.proboards31.com/ I hope that this is a good solution. -cpguy
  13. Chrono's gone? I believe that Chrono has left, but it could just be me.
  14. He's gone Well, it has been a few days and I think he he gone from this forum.
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