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  1. Hi Sorry sicko if I have offened you yet again. Would you not stand for that which you beleive and know?? I truely beleive that Time Travel is valid but science will not ever be able to achieve it in the thinking ways of science. MASS/SPACE/TIME it is impossible or very far off into the distant future, if thought remains this way. I respect your comment however would simply like to say please ignore my posts. If you do not wish to read them simply ignore them and do not read them - It is always your choice. Each posting had a purpose a different focus on how life is and how the learni
  2. Well at frist I resisted it so much and did not want to believe until I knew it was real. I was as skeptik to it and did not accept at all. And then some time after I realized the truth and saw past mortal understandings of those things which I did nto know. Now I know more of lifes truth and it effects my every moment of living because I know it is. Death - there is no death. There is transference of the living soul from one level of existence to the next a higher vibration possibly, I dont know I have not been there. Can you explain the mysteries of life that no one has yet been able t
  3. Realization and loss of the self "I am" following in direction of truth not illusion. I was too as you are 120%, I know now I am not any more through life experince. The only way to know if this is truth or not is to Know it yourslef.
  4. Yes TIME TRAVEL - I understood yes. I know the subject is as it is. Open the mind to that which you dont know or understand. It is your choice after all. Maybe by reading some of the posts you may find seomthing of immense value to you, I hope so for you, I really do Keven. T
  5. React as you may. Reaction is good Keven as maybe, just maybe it will open you to that which you dont see. Best of luck with it I hope you find it T This is a forum for all perspectives and if you dont like seomthign better to not react due to the reflective nature of reaction.
  6. Dear Friend, It is not about religion for that is a word made up of mans so called knowledge. It is about the process and journey one can take (it is choice) to find that which he/she is fully capable of. In understanding the essences of all that is in reality it opens the door to all that is not accessibly to us right now. I dont beleive TT is about moving mass after reading the posting you to omay find this i dont know It is your own realization of life for you to learn. I have merely rpvoided opportunity for those who wish to discover. T
  7. To all the time is NOW. It is the time to move to the fourth dimensions of reality. I too encourage open minded exploration of all that which is available to you in the essence of finding that which is Truth and Reality. The first stage of removal of the veil of illusion is to open the mind to that which we do not realiaze or know. The wish of love over comes me in my wish on your journeys into reality. T
  8. TALK 10 Blessed are the Pure in Heart: for They shall know God My peace and my love I bring with me to remain with you. 1. Intellectual knowledge is not enough; only with an understanding heart can you know the Father. 2. The mind can reason, and reason is good, but this knowing must go further than reason. You must feel it, you must know it in your heart. 3. Before you can truly feel, your heart must also be full of Love. This is the Christ, the manifesting power in the world, the power that sustains the whole of humanity. 4. Individually it works for you when you recognize
  9. I come in peace to share a great wisdom with you unknown as it may seem to many in human form. Yes there are vast many posts here which hold several keys to life and the possibilties of that which you seek in regards to Time and Space. I encourage you all to close the viel of illusion and open up the reality that exist and always have in life. It is not propagande, nor religious babble it is however immutable in fact of reality. My postings are in the forum as Thetazone may realization be yours and may you surpass the veil of illusion that exists in human form to reveal that which
  10. CHAPTER 1 I was born and brought up in the Highlands of Scotland. As a boy I remember well the many psychic experiences which began for me at the early age of seven years. The invisible world, from which only a veil separates us, was as clear to me as the physical, for I was born with this gift, if one could call it a gift, and I am sure that all have it, though they know it not. I would relate some of these experiences to my parents, and what I knew, but they did no encourage me - I was too accurate for most people's liking! When I was quite young and going to school, some books came i
  11. The Christ Yoga is Christ Consciousness and is beyond all other Yoga. The Christ Yoga is Freedom, and without freedom there is no Christ Consciousness-there is merely the self which is burdened with system, with knowledge, with technique. It will be seen, as we progress, that desire and search have their opposites, their resistance. All desires and searching are but an extension of the self, which is not the Real. The Christ Yoga is to understand all that is hiding the Real - the Christ. Therefore it is entirely different from all other types of Yoga, which are merely systems which demand a se
  12. APPEARANCE AND REALITY Modern thinkers find it impossible to accept as Supreme Deity the old tribal idea of a personal God, endowed with unattractive anthropological attributes, who was called Father with no corresponding mother, thus ignoring that such as ideal was necessary sterile. The ideal was personified to the level of an idol, subject to human frailties, and represented as disappointed with his own work and angry with his own offspring. To abandon such an idol is scarcely a loss. But in more recent times this conception has been partially replaced by that of a God of Love, an ide
  13. REALITY GOES BEYOND MIND LIFE IS. Life is free arid natural. Life is consciousness, awareness. True awareness is a consciousness of the present only, not of the past or the future. These are ideas, cravings in the mind. You may have been poor in the past so you want to be reach in the future. Your past memories fill your mind and this sets up a resistance; then Life, the only real thing, is smothered by your ideas, and there is a struggle that goes on all the time in the mind and this leads to frustration. If you will free your mind from craving for the future, you will lose the memory o
  14. THE TRUE PLAN It is through the Law of Vibration that the mind exercises its power over the body. Every movement in mind is a vibration and this is mind in action. A vibration of fear immediately modifies every atom in the body. Every life cell is affected and an entire chemical change is made in every group of cells. With this knowledge we can change the vibration and produce the condition we desire to manifest in our body and circumstances. We use the power every minute but are not aware of it, thus producing undesirable results. When we are in accord with the intelligence of the
  15. SEEKING FOR FREEDOM Everything is in vibration, and the different vibrations make up the different things we see and feel, not only in the visible world, but also in the invisible. All is within the one mind and the cause of the different vibrations is the prevailing thoughts. The vast panorama of nature is being changed by the change in the rate of vibration. the same process is taking place in our minds and bodies, usually unconsciously, according to the prevailing mental attitude we maintain. Any inharmonious vibration that may be prevailing can be immediately changed by our conscious
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