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  1. It's an interesting discussion. At least, I think so. It's much better than talking about Titor.
  2. Do you really have to travel to the past for it to be considered time travel? In contact, jodie's character travelled a great distance and experienced many hours while the people on earth saw her for only 1 second. This is basically Einstein's time dilation, in reverse. So, if you were to travel at great speeds and come back to Earth, and your sense of time is much different than the people on Earth, you, consequentially, slowed time down. A form of time-travel if you ask me... great posts guys! I think I am going to go get some of these :P
  3. What are some of your favorite time travel movies? list them here! I like - Contact Back to the Future series Bill & Ted series
  4. hey, who stole my flux capacitor? it got lost amidst all this bickering
  5. logical fallacies 101 which one will he use next!?!? YOU DECIDE!!!! Tonight at 9pm
  6. I think I will make a website about another obscure science fiction concept like travelling through black holes. I will make up some story and name about my travels through black hole waypoints throughout the universe. I will say I come from a planet that is much like Earth far away in a distant galaxy. Then spread it around so that the interest in the mysterious will drag in all those people that want to believe in this so bad they will believe anything. Yap. Why would I do this? Because my black hole travel website doesn't get much traffic. I realized not many people care about thi
  7. fried my brain the van allen belt did!
  8. http://dsc.discovery.com/news/briefs/20050912/plutokin.html I wonder if any current students who answered 10 on "How many planets are there" and got it wrong, will they be able to get their grades revised this year Anyway, speculation, but they are saying there is more than 10 planets... "Xena" is the 10th planet. Since they say there are two more, 'Santa' and 'Easter bunny' nicknames, the total will be 12 planets revolving the sun. Interesting. Old sacred geometry teaches that if you have a sphere, and you surround this sphere with other spheres of exactly the same dimensions,
  9. Re: The Outward Spiral of Light... The RED shift Rainman, sounds like you are talking about the seven chakras.
  10. Re: For a change, RMT... :) note on said discussion ; aliens will, on further , always think about, a, spacecraft in space. perhaps chickens, will now, travel in, said vehicles.
  11. Re: Let's make a time machine! (Please help) RenUnconcious said, "cuz unless you know something I dont know about blackholes, we can't make them yet". True, no layman at home can do it. As for big budget projects, then the answer would be yes. CERN, the world's largest particle accelerator and father of the world wide web, is currently scheduled to complete construction on the new Large Hadron Collider and become operational in 2007. It is far more advanced than the smaller, existing PA's. It is expected to be able to create microsingularities. Who knows, maybe they discover something. I
  12. The Titor thing was a hoax to bring internet traffic to time travel websites. Create a celebrity and thus creating interest... Do you know how I found this website? John titor. A friend of mine was sent the link via AIM, and he sent it to me while playing online Poker. The link was about John Titor and his supposed time travel. I only stuck around because creedo's entertainment value is priceless. Oh, I can't forget Siegmund. He was hilarious. Even though he is banned, he was an intelligent guy with a great sense of humor.
  13. I would never want to send shipments of liquid water to another planet. The ideal thing to do is to create liquid water from the foreign planet's existing resources. Water is too precious a resource and it's incredible that Earth has this much. The next body of liquid water is many light years away, SAVE THE WATER!
  14. do you guys realize he was joking? it seemed obvious to me... He had that shirt avatar before the T-Shirt thing on TTI, that's what he meant. About him mentioning lawyers, guys, hello. He was joking. It's called parody, an exaggeration. He even added !111oneone1 at the end.... he was acting like an emotional and outraged guy who's idea was stolen... he did this as a parody... it's pretty damn obvious. You know he isn't serious. You guys actually took it seriously, heh. Perception please!
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