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  1. Actually between them times here in northern japan we had about 3 major earthquakes. Between 6.4 and 7.4. If I remember right but their scales seem a bit off from ours in the states. Never asked though. As far as living on JT's Time line. well I know I will be doomed. IT's my luck. Or should I say the negative energies I put in to the world. You know the type of person to win the lotto and have the ticket blow in to the street. You go after it and bamb get hit by a bus and live. Then all your money goes to hospital bills. But hey your still alive. I know if his time line is true then I w
  2. There were several copies of the video sent out to JT (BOOMER) friends/ PPL he was in close contact with. They were the ones that were supposed to supply the images and video feed. But due to paranoia or other out side influences they have not come out with them. Besides the mail service in america loses mail every day. video and books will not quell the non believer. Pammy if I can call you such. You are still a sweet girl and have the constitution of atlas. Be Strong with the ones who do not understand and good luck with your move.
  3. Re: Living the lie - or 'saving' the world I would have to say if I was said person to go back and stop the individual from doing what they did. I would have to go back before they even had the chance to. Eliminate them right then and there and live the rest of my life out on the line that I had come out on. Or go back talk with a writer and tell them about my adventures and what will transpire in the distant future. Maybe call it the time machine. Oh wait that book has already been written. hmmmm. never mind.
  4. The bible was created by man to keep the stories of there history. Mix with their belief in god. Look at all the other civilization that had their own stories of how the world was created. Good and evil are just something we can classify. but if you raise your children to hate and tell them it is ok then they will be very normal in the culture they are raised in. but move them to a culture where all of that is evil then you will have a big problem because then the person is outcast and put away for their behavior. Did they think they did any thing wrong. no they didn't. if you take said person
  5. Have you seen the music video of kylee manage. Didn't spell her name right but she is british. Where she is walking the same loop in her video and every time she changed some thing in that point in time. while some ppl around her were still doing the same thing only slight difrences. If you look at it this way. You are in a room full of mirrors. you look all around and you see your self as far as your mind can see. Infinate lvls on each other. only this time you can see the back of your self as well coming to and from. now if you could pass through one of these mirrors then you wouldn't be the
  6. What is your definition of kerrist?
  7. Hello, My name is mark and I am a time traveller. I come from a time/line not much unlike this one.I work for the gov't and basicly was trained in other things besides time travel. I am not an english major nor do I speak any other languages. The people of your time were set for great and innovative science. It all went wrong with political up heavels and certain scientific events going wrong. 1. America was set to have another civil war. It was just a matter of time the population would relize that they were being lied and manipulated. Martial law was declared after american terrorists
  8. I would have to agree with THEACE. Man's natural ablities or curiousities makes his mind try and put chaos in to order. We try to figure out the puzzle every day. When you become consumed with what you are working with you will try and make sense of some thing that is just mind boggling to start with. Or ppl with trying to figure out hidden messages in the bible. could you make a whole other book from it to make it say what you wanted sure you could. Same thing could be appiled with any thing. Like Rap music takes some thing old and makes it in to some thing else. well time to make like a s
  9. hmmmmm. well creedo how you doing. Seems when you are angry the truth comes out on you nature. I am not attacking you in any way. I can understand your other postings since I deal with ppl that don't speak english. but this last post seems to me that you have a very firm grasp of getting your thoughts out in a more coherrant manner. I do have some questions though for you. If you are an engineering prodigy what is your field of knowing. I.E. structures, propulsion, avionics. etc... Just curious. I have been trained in structural repair and I can read blue prints. Why would it shock you t
  10. As far as the spirals go cave man have been drawing them since the first drawings. Which Man knows inherantly what is going on out in the universe. Children especially have a nack of making things that are abstract to us, look very orderly to them. Man at one time did not think like we do now. They were more like animals. Animals act on instinct alone. Not till man came along and invented fire. Which took a very long time for them to come up with any way. This was a turning point for us. It allowed us more free time to do what we wanted to do. What does man do when he has nothing to do. He
  11. b/c that creedo guy is amusing. He kinda makes me laugh.
  12. Hi and welcome. I am new here to but the more intresting reading I would have to say is in the archives. Alien lizard men and the greys battling it out for their right to own this planet. Not to mention we are good eats for the Lizard guys. LOL, I will believe that one when I see him trying to munch on my leg. As far as time travel goes. seems to be the same ppl that post here all the time. Might want to contact the ppl who's names you see more often. More then likly they can point you in the right direction.
  13. but like thetruth 1985 said the military already does this. We put it like this some times 5-feb-04. that is a good one but I think pamela saying she had to move some where in march of 2004, was kinda intresting. Maybe she was warned by john about that area she was currently living in.
  14. Re: Does anyone really want to talk about time tra the feed back is just a change in frequency. But every thing comes back to this. Does any one want to talk about time travel. I sure do. Place your self in the middle of 2 kerr black holes. Causing a vac. bubble. Add singularities and a whole lot of x-rays and bam your in another time. Black holes swirling around you cause the imense gravity field you need. the singularities that phase in and out of exsistance help stable the the gravity around you and then you have x-ray bursts that are a waste product. But don't tell the x-rays that
  15. From what I was gathering in your heading was some thing completly off. The thought that was going on in my head was this. How does matter move through space. current answer. the vac effect. Helped along by the muons that pop in and out of exsistance. Don't mind my spelling I am not an english major or have any major at that. Just a guy who pounds rivets and paint air planes for a living. The other thing that struck me as I was reading along was your fasination with air craft. You could consider it matter/mass . Which you need trust and lift to move it. But the last post got me. It
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