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  1. Did American government really killed John Titor? Anyway I hate this timeline this era.
  2. To prevent Tencent, CCP, People Can Fly owning Epic Games 40% profits for Tencent of Epic Games Launcher Storefront and 60% profits for Epic Games.
  3. In which zones realm of afterlife is now John Titor haven, purgatory or hell now?
  4. Can someone go back in time for me,please and prevent games like Fortnite Battle Royale,isometric mmorpg,moba,rts video game genres so 3D platformers such as Jazz Jackrabbit could be unstopable just let me know okay?
  5. I hate this era timeline. I wish someone would take me to 90's of XX century back to the past.
  6. Q it sounds like agent Q from 007 James Bond series live-action movies. I heard republicans are just taking adrenochrome from adult homeless people and democrats from innocent children Jim Carrey,Alex Jones,Mel Gibson Hollywood dark side secrets of American-Chinese film industry. Mel Gibson exposed them all. Maybe George Carlin, Michael Jackson. Could it be related to Covid-19 jewish cabbalah? Things related to cannibalism,vampirism drinking human blood thirst human organics eating human meat flesh. Are those people humanoid lizards,aliens, amphibian annunaki? Is Queen Elisabeth the Second one
  7. Did ship crew of Christopher Columbus really caught any sightings of Aliens in circa Anno Domini of year of 1492 when he tought he discovered India,but he discovered North America,right? Years before George Washington created republic British colony stuff. He was one of freemasons. That was his dark secret. Dollar bills predicted WTC 9/11,New World Order,ruined twin towers they I mean American government in 2001 blamed everything on ISIS CCP years later showed I mean chinese government showed no remorse for Uygurs,Tibetans earning lots of money by organ harvesting business. Hong Kong protester
  8. Are Aliens able to time travel speaking of their highly advanced technology flying UFO vehicles like in old paintings, ancient sculpture symbols as way of communication since Stone Age, Atlantis eras before internet global network and social media were created? Total Recall. Anyway Aliens helped building pyramids to Pharoas tombs jews back then were being enslaved same for Nazi germany during World War 2 era. I guess USSR,CCP were and are not anti-semitic.
  9. I'm so glad I wasn't glad I wasn't banned here guys I mean gentlemen and ladies even maybe.
  10. Honestly speaking I changed my mind I'm just glad I can talk with you guys about time travelling to the past,present and future because some people are questioning it such as Quantum Gravity Research Hacking Reality,some people are mad talking about it such as community of Sonic Retro forum, Jazz2online Community forum not so large fanbase. At least you don't want to ban me for talking about time travelling. They still didn't invent flying cars,hovercrafts,yet nor in circa Anno Domini of year of 2015 not even in 2021. Still no time travelling cars or any vehicles
  11. God created Lucifer one of Fallen Angels before they became Demons. Speaking of human history.
  12. Did mafia gang Men in Black killed John Titor? That's what I heard of.
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