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  1. Just in case it will disappear in near future it is a jpg file "IMG_20210402_042446_989-1.jpg" with a text: Emc2=s=0=0=c2mE I was opening it in safe browser and I recommend to all of you do that if you want to open this link.
  2. Ok, so 100GB of memory you've mentioned it's only for operational memory not for storaging anything. Thank you. Waiting for further explanation...
  3. So it is more personal equipment. It is prepared for commercial use? What I mean: can anyone use it easily? For example you are buying one for your family and it's enough? I'm interested how public life can look like with using it as a standard equipment stored in locker or installed like a CCTV camera? To have live monitoring a shop, a cinema room, a school cloakroom... Are you testing it in covid hospitals? I understand that it's collecting and managing data. And this is it's basic feature. Right? Thank you for your answers!
  4. Thank you. It is much clear now. I haven't say that. It was rather a reference for all those years you and your team worked on it and partially didn't make your goal. I'm impressed for your determination. So what is a main fraction to go (faster) forward and achieved 100,000 knots. You need more people, more time or more money? Yes I agree with you 100%. Would you like to describe how it can/will look like? Differences between now and new network... It will include stellar/orbital communication? How many satel
  5. All what you write is quiet logical but Onion was created with Darpha and ONR (Office of Naval Research). I know Polish Nationalist group and they are highly political group, they are not specialising in code. What kind of interest they could have in Onion? Decentralized hidden messages between members? It's an interesting coincident that ONR (Office of Naval Research) and ONR (Polish Nationalists) work in the same project. I'm surprised. How many travellers (in percent or people) was polish in this exchange team? So you and your team still have a faith for
  6. How much work you have to put in this mission to change your direction on good turn? How much time passed in your life since last mission? How Poland geopolitical situation looks in your world or timeline? Did your time travel unit change since last visit?
  7. What is your purpose in current visit?
  8. Quiet interesting what you just wrote in October. HEXs value is up much. The same with ETH and BTC. The dates you was showing where not perfect for buying Bitcoin. There was better dips on other days. Do you have any more clear info why HEX is the future currency? Is this connected to some place like Doge as an official currency for Mars? Or it's the currency between planets?
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