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  1. Trump or Hillary have nothing to do with World War III. But Trump's soft policy allowed the political situation in the world not to accumulate. What will happen with Biden - I can say that I do not like him. He was at the fall of the Twin Towers, and with him the political situation in the world is now heating up.
  2. Anything is possible, read Psalm 177th. It characterizes one of the oldest events associated with time travel.
  3. You know a lot, judging by your answers. I would like to talk with you in more detail.
  4. What do you know about the Cicada 3301? Why do you say that you are one of us?
  5. Wondering what TITOR and 177 really mean? Let's start with the first one, where TITOR is the name of the entire project from the Temporal Recon department - Time Initialization The Onion Routing (T.I.T.O.R).
  6. And also, I said that I do not deny the possibility of TiTor's return in the future. Discrepancies in world lines are controlled. Knowing the parameters, you can indicate the world line with any degree of deviation, and the 3rd world line did not happen for a number of reasons, for example, the terrorist attack that organized the US government changed the future (11/9/2001), and 90% of the TiTor legend is just a fiction for cover. Do you still believe in ibm 5100?
  7. Well, yes, impostors come and go, but Titor "T.i.t.o.r" remains. © Temporal Recon.
  8. Thanks). In any case, this is the most incomprehensible story that can only happen, except for the one that I received 3 messages from 1970 and 1971 with the text "hello", but my callback apparently knocked down the entire network in the 1970s, since the messages stopped to come.
  9. One of the most interesting eras is the 20th century and the 1970s.
  10. I share your views on the world, but believe me, this is not an option. Each era has its own characteristics, it is not a fact that you will like it. You must understand that you will not become anyone in a new era for you.
  11. Why do you need to travel in time?. Believe me, this is not a good idea.
  12. We are not talking about collecting data, this is a decentralized network based on onion. In 3 hours I'll tell you more about her work. Yes, we were in German clinics with the device and conducted tests on patients with Covid-19. The next stage is tests at a military base of one of the EU countries for 2 weeks.
  13. I will answer everyone at once. 1. We don't need people. We create a project. Our team has developed the concept of a device capable of detecting viruses in the space around a person, the device has already been tested in Germany, and work is now underway in Poland. A large number of pre-orders have been formed. Each device will contain a node for a new onion network. We can talk about this for a long time. When all 100,000 nodes are ready, it is only a matter of time, I will say one thing, thanks to the pandemic, there will be nodes in every country. 2. My team and I were not vaccin
  14. Onion was not created with Darpa. The foundations of decentralized networks, to which Onion belongs, were developed long before these same decentralized networks began to finance government organizations. Sooner or later, everyone will know about everyone, so it's just a matter of time. Why don't you believe in onions? It's just that many do not know and do not understand what functions were originally laid down in the bow. It's not about onion processing, but about its globalization and modernization. Now there are about 7,000 onion knots in the world, if we succeed, there
  15. Moreover, I have all the source code of this forum with all accounts. Also now there are people in the 70s, 76s, they are trying to launch a global project of information transmission in time, based on the installation for creating electronic singularities, I recently received 3 messages dated 70, 71 and 76 years. ... Unfortunately, with the text "Hello", technologies of those years do not allow transferring information larger than 100kb. Perhaps, I'll leave here a piece of the transmitted information, we'll see.
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