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  1. Could the pandemic be avoided if we travel to the past?


    If you travel back in time and prevent patient zero from getting infected, a paradox is immediately created. That is, if you manage to stop the onset of the pandemic, today we should not pandemic, therefore, you would have no reason to travel to the past, then you would not travel to the past and you could not avoid the pandemic.

    That is the paradox, an infinite loop that creates a logical inconsistency.


    Returning to the example of the pandemic, what the study says is that if you travel to the past you could do whatever you wanted, but it would be impossible for you to change the outcome of the events.


    That is, you would have free will, but you could not prevent the pandemic from unleashing. 

    It could happen, for example, that while you are trying to stop patient zero, it is someone else who becomes infected, or even yourself. 


    According to Tobar's model, the most relevant events would be constantly calibrated to avoid any inconsistency (paradox) and thus always reach the same result, in this case, the start of the pandemic.

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