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  1. Phones have built in flashlights for the night. Flashing bright lights at night was Bizzare in the 17th century. You would be offline the internet, however smartphone applications can be downloaded for offline use. My thought is if there were a real time Travelers, they may have accidently been burned as Witches practicing witchcraft because of their advanced technology. Seriously. There was superstitiion.
  2. Whoever, there is name name to become mentioned by me. My assumption is the Earthquake was Man Made, with a Seismic weapon.
  3. Translation 315,000 years ago us humans evolved, the Intelligent Dinosaurs have developed Quantum Technology 160 to 77 million years. 315,000 we homo sapiens evolved, why cant intelligent Dinosaurs evolve and fly off this planet within 160 million or 77 million years? 16 And he caused all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: The mark can be seen on your right hand with lizard scales, the Darwin evolution theory was wrong. Men came not of monkeys.
  4. Japan Earthquake was Man Made, Seismic Military Weapon ,CERN Time Travel My Coincidence, I understand you won't believe me as a Psychic who has faith in the God of Noah, his Christ Messiah. My intuition immediately felt the singer Avril Lavigne in Japan. I can feel certain ESP, we are all connected with this Universal Mind. Japan had a 7 magnitude Earthquake on February 13, 2021, is it possible they want Japan off the map? Is it possible a foreign military created a seismic weapon system off the Pacific Ocean to hit Japan and they are keeping quiet? It may have been a
  5. My ESP felt something about a woman's fancy , fashion dress such as for a prom event
  6. Einstein There's a pair of brown work steel toe boots in your place. Can you repost your question? Your posted comment has not shown to me. Forever 21 shopping bag has the words "John 3:16" on the bottom. I'm assuming you have Forever 21 around you.
  7. Cosmo I can glipse a train schedule. Who's taking downtown train transportation? Kenmore Fridge, organising or arranging, a giant white refrigerator. There's a BlueTooth device with you. There's a woman who's attending prom day. A Prom event ? Testing my ESP psychic live discussion post. I can ESP the color of White and a Yellow background. Now I'm sensing the color Blue, I'm seeing black guy wearing a blue t shirt.
  8. Who will become president after this nightmare? There are three names associated with the future president. These are the three names, associated with the 2024 future President after Joe Biden. Chris, Shane or Glenn. They are names connected with the future present. Nobody is in the White House, It's a silent reign. The President sits and the nation is silent. A supporter of Israel Someone from the East Psalm 41 Keep silence before Me, O coastlands, And let the people renew their strength! Let them come near, then let them speak; Let us come near together
  9. My brain memory is vivid, misty an void of any color patterns. I may see one or two colors if I can ESP sense something around you. I can't say for certain, the exact color of your car. I can't see your car and I don't feel a car around you. If I were to say a color, I'd be guessing. The car disappeared. There was a disppearance of your car? I don't see you with a car or there was a disappeared car associated with you. the CO2 emitted by cars is insignificant.
  10. Monday, its best to be aware of negative conflict. Monday is an event for you, avoid conflict or arguments.
  11. Greetings KerrTexas, I feel you are as a Checkers or Chess player. Some kind of board game around you. There is a Care-Free Highway on the road you need to be careful of. Become more careful in your driving on the road, please. My ESP senses Care-Free driving on the road. I'm looking at a vacation trip with you, your traveling somewhere on a vacation or big event trip for travel. I don't know if your driving on the road for this trip or actually flying, I can see a big event trip for travel that is ready for you. Have you ever been kyaking? I can see you on a kayak. This must ha
  12. The Republic of China and Biden. Biden is an agent for the Republic. Biden has Ukraine buisness deals. Keep note of this. This is your answer about the future leader.
  13. PaulaJedi 9 I'm not the best psychic and I'm learning to test my ability, I believe God and the Messiah Christ gave me ESP as a gift, I can't explain so I'm testing my psychic ability, live here on the message board. Third Secret of Fatima Prophecy of a Pole Shift Seniors Didn’t Know 1917, the most credible and well-documented visions about a Pole Shift with the planet AXIS. PaulaJedi, I've noticed next to your message board post there is the number "664." God gives us numbers in our life, the Universe reflects these numbers. I found the significance of the number
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