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  1. Happy new year if anyone celebrates it!

    1. _Oz


      Happy New Years!

  2. How is your day?

    1. Classicalfan626


      I'm doing OK, how have you been doing lately?

    2. HeASdf


      Bored but ok!

  3. In 2036 i will be old (or dead)
  4. Happy halloween!

  5. Time sure fly fast and fast

  6. R u guyz alive?

    1. Classicalfan626


      Sorry for my late reply, but I'm just waiting for things to happen here myself. I don't know 100% of what's up with Cosmo, but I suspect he's been very busy with life and work.

  7. 😮 edit: they deleted it or somethin' );
  8. You should make a novel or somethin'
  9. a happy ending is nothing more but a new beginnin.
  10. Bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored

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