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  1. Happy new year if anyone celebrates it!

    1. _Oz


      Happy New Years!

  2. How is your day?

    1. Classicalfan626


      I'm doing OK, how have you been doing lately?

    2. HeASdf


      Bored but ok!

  3. Happy halloween!

  4. Time sure fly fast and fast

  5. R u guyz alive?

    1. Classicalfan626


      Sorry for my late reply, but I'm just waiting for things to happen here myself. I don't know 100% of what's up with Cosmo, but I suspect he's been very busy with life and work.

  6. a happy ending is nothing more but a new beginnin.
  7. Bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored

  8. Can u send a pic of ur time machine?

  9. How's is it going john?

  10. Anything new here?

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