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  1. This kind of low effort post is why I will be leaving this site I mean, after all the evidence in this (and the other thread), people are still asking bullsh1t questions. Just great.
  2. No problem my friend. On the subject of predictions, 'ichtion' made a few and I will list them here. Perhaps this will persuade the naysayers ? "Artificial Intelligence": a breakthrough in AI is expected to occur before 2025, "Space Tourism": at the end of the 2020s space tourism will become affordable to many, "Science/Computers": a breakthrough in data compression techniques is due in 2027 and the algorithm will use the "Thue-Morse sequence" to construct easily manageable data structures that can then be compressed in a universal fashion, "Brexit": there will
  3. Hi there Nininini - I answered your questions on my thread's page (it took a while, sorry for the delay). Thanks for proposing these questions, they were actually interesting ones. I had similar questions myself to 'ichtion' when I talked to him. If you have any more of these do not hesitate ;)
  4. According to 'ichtion' in 2 years' time. But the virus will remain for a lot longer as some people still refuse to vaccinate. Why would anyone know that? Even if I was a time traveller I wouldn't carry that kind of weird trivia in my pocket. ichtion was already very revealing with this information in his original thread. He said the time machine was built by his "frond", a politically motivated company that is commonplace in his time. To his best knowledge that was the only time machine they had. He didn't know if other fronds had one. He said they did tria
  5. I will attempt to answer those questions to the best of my knowledge following the conversations I had with 'ichtion'. It might take some time though to go through all 25 questions, I will let you know
  6. No, he's gone since more than a week. He got what he came for then he left (looks at his other thread). Sorry but I can't see your 25 questions. Where did you post them?
  7. A middle-sized city in central western Germany
  8. Haha, what? All search terms reach 100. That percentage does not represent the amount of searches to that term vs. other terms. It represents search volume for that term.
  9. I guess it makes sense to find "rational" explanations to the spike, after all "time travel" is not very believable, I get it (although, this is the Time Travel Insitute). On the other hand you place far too much confidence in my computer abilities ? I mean, jeezus, manipulate (historic) data of one of the world's most secure companies ever to exist, by a dude in a time travel forum... That's far fetched even by my standards
  10. And how exactly was there a "spike" then? A bunch of people all mis-spelled something (what word exactly by the way?) on one single day that constitute almost 100 percent of search volume of all time for that word? Whatever you want to believe.
  11. Sure I can understand that. Critical thinking is our most important feature. Anyway as I said I feel it's my moral obligation to tell this story. He told me that his "employer" was able to spike the data using his "frond's" AI - in fact, he said much of his world in 2075 is controlled by AIs (even though it's not widespread as you are free NOT to buy an AI if you don't want to). An example he gave was intelligent targeted advertising: TV ads are also controlled by an AI, and when the TV set is turned on, the viewer chooses an "icon" from a set of icons, like "banana", "computer" or "football".
  12. PS. I uploaded a screenshot of the Google Trends data (in case a lot of people try to search for the term 'ichtion', the Google Trends will be altered). So here it is, for posterity (uploaded 25.08.2020): https://imgur.com/a/LL5oEfs
  13. Lol. So let me get this straight. You are accusing me of being able to manipulate historic google data? If I could do that, why on Earth would I be posting on this forum? ? By all means, please do check the IP addresses. But when you discover that they are not the same, you will still invent some other reason not to believe us. I could have used a VPN. I could have changed the IP address. Some people will never be satisfied. And for Pete's sake, ichtion created a spike in google historic data. How on Earth can you "hoax that away"? Goodness me.
  14. Dude, look at his post. He said he doesn't have that capability. It's not all black and white, it's not "either you can become God or not". He said he had a first generation machine that couldn't do that. Anyway, we can continue this conversation in my thread, in which I also explain that yes, he did verify his veracity by manipulating historical google data. If people would just bother to "read" things wouuld be so much simpler...
  15. OK, so your point is that... what? He wrote a book, with no intention of selling it because it's essentially meaningless to anyone but himself? How does that make sense? I don't get it. And also what thought did I give you? Anyway have you checked out the thread I made?
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