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  1. This topic is translated from an Iranian web page which made so Viral in Japanese online medias. 3.6.2020
  2. According to the International Group of Young Journalists, a blind old Bulgarian woman who is said to have correctly predicted the 9/11 attacks, the rise of the ISIS terrorist group and Britain's exit from the European Union, also contains some important predictions for the year. 2020 is done! Apparently, the Bulgarian woman named "Baba Wanga", who died in 1996 at the age of 85, had amazing supernatural abilities in predicting the future, which allowed her to predict natural disasters and other great events in the world. Baba Wanga's predictions for 2020 The blind old woman, nickna
  3. No cryptography is allowed here , We have one!?
  4. 私は日本人で、「なぜ刑務所なのか」と聞いています。?
  5. Breaking news on TTI channel: Second Titor Turned up!?
  6. She sent me 2 photos of her time machine , i'll send it to your PM.
  7. She's facts are really really weird and i can't stop encrypting it , Her topic is so deep!
  8. Hi there , Am Asin . So... Few days ago , a Woman turned up as a time traveler from future (and also the other time line) . -Vi-Alpha was her pf Could anyone encrypt her story ? I did but not complitly. Another tip: She talked about Jonathan Lintitor ?
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