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  1. man i was totally poking fun at the synchronicity of the whole deal not being 100% serious just many coinicidence can yall drop the doppleganger shit and admit the other thing is mind blowing instead of trying to one up me by belittling a side mention...
  2. My comments are for not just you don't be so vain I'm not a writer for a living and I'm not trying to be critical of anyone just stating that there's more at play here... Under the Trump administration, Ingraham said, the unemployment rate among African-Americans dropped to the lowest level in history, home ownership increased and criminal justice reforms like the First Step Act were enacted
  3. See there is the psyops in your comment showing your showing loaded material cherry picked that slandered and does not indicate any useful news and then try to claim I'll ruin my credibility it's operation that's begun.
  4. I really only see the media communist infiltrated democratic propaganda causing division for political reasons honestly if you pay attention to the loaded questions asked it's unfair as they aren't there to report news just to slander and destroy our nation ... But there's so much more going on its full fledged war with China as they basically own the Democratic party. It's levels deep not conspiracy just obvious from an unbiased perception.
  5. Imho I don't think he wants to win this election he gonna let the Dems burn for 4 years in their own piss
  6. O lol well stop hating on him he's done more for the black community than obama
  7. I don't mean to point out the office but there's been no other president in modern history that has done more for the black community than our current president so please show me how these comments and evidence that you're showing has to do with the results that he's producing for the black communities because all I see is that he is doing his best better than any other president has and helping the minorities and actually is pretty much asking the BLM movement what are your demands what do you want and has satisfied every request but still they continue the protest okay now what do you want y
  8. LOL what is mass exactly what makes something physical well you know how we're moving through the universe at a certain speed a planet goes around the sun the sun goes around in the galaxy and the Galaxy goes around a cluster if I have a super Galaxy or whatever the hell you want to say so we're moving very fast if we were to actually reach absolute zero velocity I think as we approach absolute zero velocity we begin to shrink we actually gets smaller and then as we reached the zero velocity we keep going in that direction will start to enlarge again but I guess backwards it's like inside out
  9. Have you ever seen that video of a wing nut coming off and the international space station where it rotates and then does a 180 and keep spinning but backwards and then does another 180 back to its original position and it will do this infinitely this is the tennis racket effect as I like to call it I don't remember the actual name of it but we just got another piece of evidence suggesting that our planet does have three axis of motion so there is a point where our body will flip... O and likely tsunami earthquakes follows by huge sliding and rapidly melting ice sheets entire landmasses rising
  10. Poetry really how it's almost predestination or retrocausal hmm kinda like renting a blockbuster just to see it on cable TV when u get home
  11. Yep what a concept I could use a little fuel myself...
  12. No no no she's pregnant with Elon musk's child the owner of Tesla company and has a very loud audience in stance on a i excumely let me say this she has already had the child and it's been named Ash something but it's spelt with the ae No the woman that I lost was Lora Poindexter 10/07/13 I lost her
  13. well I still have the original cell phone and the original messages on that set phone I offered it to Grimes for a piece of her soul but I never got a response back so I guess a million dollars would be a good starting point LOL maybe I could just listed on eBay
  14. Cosmic rays bitflip nonrandom online concousiness?
  15. Well ... Ok then so it holds no value lol
  16. AMBER ALERT,Δ;xÆØòΩΠhΔ:yxΞ(ü

  17. AMBER ALERT,Δ;xÆØòΩΠhΔ:yxΞ(ü What do you mean???
  18. Study atmospheric physics I literally stare at the sun every single day for hours on end going over multiple satellites data I can tell you global warming is a 2000 Al Gore election propaganda tactic that epically went wrong yes climate change is real however it's not global warming it is solar cycles let's take a while for them to even take effect the current models that the scientists are using is severely outdated and it does not take in all accounts of energy absorption by our planet so they put it on The human side and CO2 which is not a greenhouse gas as they claim most warming is from c
  19. I've almost always pushed that envelope... But maybe that's why I'm not doing so well lol
  20. My natal chart when I was born forms a bow and arrow are crossbow I should say let me check out the message date.
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