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  1. True, thats why I'm not posting any. :) If I can, I'll try and find my booklet from a company that dispenses old tapes. This is anything from old foreign movies to Govt. things. My favorite is the one about not faternizing with Germans after WWII... man that was harsh. The company can send you some tapes that the History channel basically feeds off of, but doesn't always show you the whole thing. Don't believe what you see on the internet, far by not some 3rd party nutcase... in all truth thats basically telling you not to believe me, but I know what I post is true... to believe it, i
  2. This post is based completly on FACT, so if you don't believe me, go check it up. First, let me say, there are NO alien aircraft at Area 51, nor are there aliens, it's a myth, once propogated by the government, now withdrawn. Area 51 is a once 'secret' government aircraft testing facility, you'd think they would have stopped after the reputation they got, but decided not to. That means that that air base has technology unreleased to the public about flying crafts that we have, but will probably never see the battlefield unless theres a major war (Iraq doesn't count). What do you think
  3. There are mutations all the time, in somewhere midwest there was a dog-cyote-deer thing... i lost the link a while ago. NO one cared, or knew what it was, it wast a threat so life went on. It happens man.
  4. Raj, though what some of what you say has substance, most of its just idiotic. Yes, there are black ops going on, yes there is technology we don't know about, yes there are underground orginizations controlling the worlds economy. But what are we gonna do about that? and how does that prove aliens exist? BTW< newsflash, the 9/11 attacks were NOT fake, and you're hearing this from someone who's done all he can to find out about it, I was there, where were you? I suppose you're with the idea that the israeli's did it cause none of them died right? actually, a couple did die, one of t
  5. I cant believe this is still around, ridiculously pathetic .
  6. I'm back!... well sort of. WoW guys and gals, its been a while, I've been busy with many things, but I've gota little time before I leave for Israel on the 30th. I hope you guys remember me, cause I remember you! Not much seems to have changed, just new people claiming to be time travellers.... *sigh* Lemme just speak my mind on the matter for a minute. If we had time travelling devices, this timeline or otherwise, we would know. How could we not? someone would inevidably stumble onto ours, and it would change, we would have no knowledge of it, but at some point wouldn't someone at
  7. Black Hole: The same thing was at the Einstein exhibit at the NY museum of Natural History a while back. It does work though.
  8. Re: A Spiraling Conversation Ray, where do you get the time to write all that. wow.
  9. There are definetly more dimentions than the ones we can comprehend at this time, the question is, will the discovery of these dimentions allow us to travel through space/time? I.E. As a dimention or a 'fold' in space you will basically have this... (bear with me) /--\ / \ .../======\... Ok, so the hump shaped thing is space, as a fold. And the Equals sign is the bridge found in the + dimentions as said. We can't find them, or see them untill we can find these dimentions and even then we have to find a stable way to cross through them. Unlimited amounts of space could be cove
  10. Re: Some disgustingly simple \"free energy devices\" The earth generates energy, people generate energey, microwaves from the sun pretty much are energy. Is it possible to create a giant energy magnet? if someone were to standi n the middle of that tey would slowly be turned into energy/light right? If someone were to live through that, well, moreso their concience and mind, they would be like a superbeing... cool.
  11. So thats what you were reading, eh, I've heard of it, but from people who know these things in depth, unlike me, they said it was just garbage. I never read it for that reason, and thats not the book I was reffering to in the other post.
  12. Wait, wait, so you're saying that only half of what Titor said was true? So what is right is right and what isn't is pure fabrications on his part? Wow, you know, I thought it was dumb before, but now, you topped it. Because not only is stuff going to happen differently than he predicted, because its just not true... but now, you're saying its not happening because he lied, not because he's just not from the future. Man, you're an idiot. No offense, but jeez, you're such an idiot. Sorry, I just couln't hold that in.
  13. Don't talk about kaballah, its obvious you don't understand it, and for good reason. The thing all the celebrities do isn ot kaballa, they can't do jack. The real kaballah, if you knew it, would drive you to a point of insanity. Thats the way its designed. There is one book out which is sort of like 'kabbalah for dummies' which is still very difficult to understand, and also a very rare book. So I assume you've never read it, you would know what I'm talking about, because there's only one. I myself only know one person who knows kaballah, that is, I assume he knows it. Doesn't t
  14. I've got a time traveler in my basement, at first i couldn't believe it either, i mean, the rent is really high for this area, but he decided to stay anyway. He's nice, doesn't shower that often, has a pet parakeet named ralph, man that thing keeps me up at night. all you gotta do is put an ad in the paper 'looking for time traveler' or something like that, they'll come. In case you guys havn't figuredit out yet, i'm joking. My basement isn't even finished. I don't have a tennant.
  15. Re: Moon Disinformation-\"A Funny Thing Happened... I saw the pictures, in national geographic, they were to test if a manned mission to mars ever happened someday soon, because it seems like it would, thye train for it. Sorry for the train of thought all wrong, but i'm goin on 3 hours of sleep and its not going to well.
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