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  2. Martin, if I can ask, which domain were you under when working on the server?
  3. Ah, so the year is 2020 for you guys. Interesting. I'm sending these messages in 2019. You must be receiving them a whole year later. The messages I received in the extraneous packets were dated from the early 2000s, so I had assumed that was when I was sending these messages to. I am now wondering why I have been directed to send messages to a year ahead of mine. Any significant events in the past year for your timeline? Also, I'm guessing since no response, there is no user TimeTravel_0 in your timeline?
  4. I have about 15 minutes to write this, so I'm gonna make it quick. First of all. Turn off all your mobile phones, smart home devices, any camera or microphone you have lying around. Plug in as many utilities, devices, electronic equipment as you can. It will generate electrical noise to protect this transmission. Do it now. The longer you wait, the wider of a time slice they have to track my timeline down. I'm not gonna stress this enough. If you are seeing this message, then it has already been propagated through time. Make noise now. I am not from your timeline, and "I
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