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  1. Ugh. Some things never change. Why is it that people wanting to pretend to be time travelers insist on violating the rules and placing their attempts at time travel claims in the forum dedicated to actual science of time? 😴 RMT
  2. Zeroes and Ones ~ Zeroes and Poles (fundamental aspect of control systems analysis in the Laplace Domain). These are long videos, so I will have to take time to digest them all. But they are very closely linked to my work on going beyond Space Time unification, to the full fledged reality of Massive Space Time unification. Good stuff here! RMT
  3. Seriously? I am betting you had a hard time typing that while you were laughing. You don't actually believe what you are claiming, do you? https://www.nap.edu/read/5708/chapter/2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetically_modified_virus It almost makes me think you wrote that specifically to wake me from my slumber. I am in the middle of grading senior projects for the end of spring semester right now, so yes I am busy. But not too busy to challenge silly statements. RMT
  4. Don't fret. It will be free to all who wish to read it. :cool: RMT
  5. It looks like KerrTexas and I have been called to write a book.... RMT
  6. US has now won the last WW. Hat trick USA. Chinese likely to overthrow ChiComms. A whole new world. Trump acted as the leader we needed. His re-election is secured. RMT
  7. IMHO, We are at war with China, but for some reason the GOV does not wish to tell people that. All of the circumstantial evidence adds up to this conclusion to me. China decided they would cave to Trump's trade war, on paper, but then kicked off this information (DNA=information) warfare at the same time. RMT
  8. I am RainManTime. (RMT) Who is ready to engineer the future, from today through . . . ? RMT
  9. RMT trips over his own feet. He tries to avoid dropping anything. But he does drop one, printed page.
  10. Paula, Your intuition is serving you well. Trump recently put Iran on notice. Iran is a known client state of both China and Russia. But China is leading this. The best advice for any and all Americans is: 1) Buy arms. 2) Stock up well with ammunition. 3) Be ready to defend your freedom against all enemies, foreign and domestic. RMT
  11. It seems we are now at this "yet larger event." RMT
  12. And another "prophetic" post from our friend Zerubabbel. RMT
  13. Olly got it. Look at how information is being used in the world today, over this COVID-19 scare. THIS IS THE INFORMATION EVENT. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY IT! RMT
  14. And here was another telling post. Just like back then, people today are trying to use information to make us FEAR the future. There is nothing to fear in the future. There are only people and forces to fear in the present. Those people and forces can be YOUR undoing such that your body does not live to see the future. Pay attention. Understand INTENTION->Information->Energy-Force RMT
  15. I will be pointing out prophetic posts I made long ago, like this one. I am NOT claiming I am a "prophet." Only that I put 2 and 2 together and saw that this was coming. We MUST reconcile INFORMATION with INTENTION. That is the entire purpose of what we now find ourselves going through. It is part of our evolution, and it will lead to MANY GREAT THINGS. We just have to live thru it and make sure the "wrong" people do not gain even more control. RMT
  16. Paula, This event is the "big information event" that I predicted in my other thread from 2006. https://bbs.timetravel.institute/threads/intention-information-energy-force-creation.2415/ It is an INFORMATION operation so large, that it is going to change our entire culture. Hopefully for the positive. In the past money was pegged to gold. Then we pegged it to energy (US$ as basis for oil denomination). Lately, information has taken over as the driver of both energy (which is money). The ONLY way the human species can come out of this with a new lease on life is if the answer to
  17. Gosh... I am wondering "how well this thread aged?" ? Does anyone doubt that the COVID-19 information operation we are currently living under is the exact type of information operation that I predicted in this thread? And I didn't even have to claim I was a time traveler to do it! ? RMT
  18. Hi Folks!!! It has been awhile. A long while! I hope all my friends here are still doing well. Has anyone seen our friend Darby lately? I miss his intelligent inputs! I have been in touch with some of my friends here "on the other side." They know who they are. RMT
  19. BREAKING NEWS! This just in! Old stalwart RainmanTime has returned from his time travel road tripping and has settled back in at his old TTI homestead. RMT had just one thing to say to his TTI friends and family: "Anthropogenic Global Warming is STILL BUNK SCIENCE. That is all." :D RMT
  20. HOLY CRAP!!!! I must be in an alternate reality, because look who is back.....Kinky Dave!!! How the eff you been, man? I see you still have not been able to rid yourself of Chrono completely, and for that I am truly saddened. This is the first time I have muscled into these parts since the domain was restored. Good to know the "good people" are still around (and that includes both you and ruthless!) RMT
  21. Read this article a few days back and thought some here would enjoy it: https://www.wired.com/2016/09/arrow-of-time/ RMT
  22. If it was, there would be no insurance at all. I have said for MANY years that the insurance risk model is absolutely the wrong model for health care. Our country made the mistake of going on this model in the 60s and that is when things started going downhill. If you spend a little time comparing the risk models associated with home (fire) and auto insurance, you see they are based upon the high probability that NOT EVERYONE will need to use the insurance. People with good driving records are lower risk BECAUSE the odds of them getting into an accident are low. People with existing acc
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