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  1. Pi is just the the smallest kind of infinity there is. Aleph Null. -Oz
  2. I've mentioned it very passingly but there's something I wanted to finally explain further. In my original timeline America was not overcome from within, but there was a brief but violent civil war in 2016 after Clinton beat Trump. Trump claimed foul and his supporters took up arms against other Americans. This weakened us greatly. He was able to run in 2020 again & lost by a landslide. Around this same time California tried to break from the union again. This also weakened us greatly. The tensions between Americans (especially red states & blue states) caused us to falter
  3. As of yesterday, the real Kraken has been released. 

    Keep your hands & feet inside vehicle at all times. This roller coaster is just getting started!

    I said before I'll say it again. Cryptocurrency is the future.

  4. Sure just make memes & mine dogecoin. Once Elon starts pumping it from Mars the time lag allows for all sorts of neat things. Silly as it sounds memes are multidimensional I'm cofounder of the Lionheart Authority and sole founder of the Dragonhearts. I'm not worried. Plus this isn't even my original body so worst case scenario I get fragged and just come back with a diff body. The other founder of LA and I used to be best friends, but have since disagreed on things--most notably "what kinds of information can people be safely trusted with. RA (Richard Andrews) believes peo
  5. This one is CGI, but it looks like the footage used in the background might have a bit of ball lightning (or that could have also been added, but that does occur) -Oz
  6. It's an out of control seasonal virus. It IS a seasonal virus that is way out of control because nobody took it seriously & there was no vaccine. Covid 2 already launched, and is also a seasonal virus. The Flu is seasonal too, and the only reason it's not a much bigger issue is BECAUSE of vaccines. Covid had no vaccine until late 2020. So take it how you want it. Year round pandemic virus without a vaccine. Seasonal virus with a vaccine. We have multiple vaccines now. Any further questions? -Oz
  7. The Axiom of Choice is not really "made of" anything because that would imply it had mass. Think of it as pure energy that people most often tap into when they dream. While there has always been *some* choice...ultimately most people's fate is predetermined, and every choice they feel like they make leads them towards that. Money is energy, and a lot of people don't have money. The axiom I speak of restoring comes in the form of a redistribution of wealth across the globe, so people have a new opportunity to decide their own futures. If you look close enough you'll see many of the same
  8. You cannot deal with one without dealing with the other. The world just doesn't work like that. Whether the "economy" you look at is measured in US Dollars, Rupees, Tulips, Gold...it's always there because money is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change forms. The oldest form of money is work. Without work the economic system (in any age) fails, and civilizations fall. Rome didn't burn overnight, it fell gradually over a period of years. The middle ages didn't happen overnight, we fell into it over a period of years. Plague or no plague it does not matter, if th
  9. Ok you know how everyone hates on the royal family because they've been holding all the gold like a bunch of fucking dragons? Well it's not because that gold is worth anything. They know it's worth literally nothing, but SOMEONE has to hold onto the reserves until the axiom of choice is restored. -This was Gates & this is why the JEDI project beat the SITH project -They got the jump on Alexa but could not beat Cortana Gold is worth. Nothing. That's why we used to literally just GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE because monkeys love shiny things & it causes them to do work. So when
  10. So as it turns out Hitler's Breakfast is really just scrambled eggs with bacon & a mohca latte. 
    I prefer white mocha frappucino if it exists.

  11. No because synths will be banned within 150 years. Dogecoin is only capable of working in the time between [HEX / ETH / AXN] which is
  12. Also watch out for the Lizard Squad. GoatSec is about to make a comeback as well. 2021 is going to be a doozy. We're going to take down the cabal. -Oz
  13. Redemptor optimus Clemens rex Illuminator pastor Gloriosus auctor Dominator imperator Fabricator deus Immortalis illustrator Pacificus optimus Magnus optimus Magnus immortalis Fortissimus imperator Misericors dominus Incompraehensibilis redemptor Arbiter magnus Pastor dominus Deus fabricator Omnipotens
  14. Interesting find Paula! Aeternus is the name of the Type II mecury alloy Trump gets a presidential pardon by me if nobody does it before I do -Oz
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