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  1. Normality. This timeline has gone insane and it’s getting worse. My own timeline wouldn’t have allowed the KKK and the Nazis to rise back in power. My timeline had no anomalies to speak of, there were still mysteries of the world and whatnot, but the phenomenon itself didn’t exist. The night i got in your timeline, everything changed for the worse. It’s been a year now, stuck in a timeline that isn’t my own, where people i know have been suffering from the phenomenon and the current political climate. If i could go back, i would. I don’t even know how i got here and no one has the data i need
  2. As far as i know, i’m not a higher dimensional being, i’m just the consciousness of timeline 1, transferred to timeline 2 and inhabiting the body of another version of myself from said timeline 2. I doubt that my body’s electrical frequency is any different than any other human. Everything that has to do with my physical body should be the same as everyone else in your timeline, which has a different human anatomy than timeline 1. Like i mentioned, it’s basically data being transferred from one place to another. Once the old host “dies” the consciousness lives on and transfers somewhere els
  3. The phenomenon certainly has something to do with Quantum Theories. John Titor himself was a researcher and theorist on the subject, yet he doesn’t exist as such in your timeline. He never existed at all in fact, neither did his research and work. He was seemingly erased from history it seems and whoever pretended to be him back in 2000-2001, knew of his previous existence… From my personal experience, the consciousness is your true self and your physical body is just a “host” of sort. You’re given a body of flesh and blood, but your physical body itself doesn’t define who you are. For exam
  4. October had 31 days, same as here. Not sure about the leap year, it changes depending on variability after all. Since your entire solar system isn’t even situated on the “Outer Edge of the Sagittarius Arm” anymore, nothing is certain. I’m ashamed to say i never noticed the previous leap years, since my birthday was never affected by it, therefore i never paid attention to them. I’m not going to pretend to know what i wasn’t aware of or knew in the old timeline. If there’s something i’m unsure of, i’m not going to mention it or use it when approaching the subject of the phenomenon. Still not
  5. No apologies needed. Like i mentioned, the phenomenon is a difficult subject to approach, but it is nonetheless a threat to your timeline. I still need more data to understand how it operates, but so far it seems to be acting like a virus. It deletes and alters history and reality as it pleases. There’s no clear pattern either. I haven’t been able to predict its next move and i doubt anyone would be able to do so without proper research and experiments being carried out. It has pulled its victims from different timelines at different points in time through their consciousness, humanity’s poten
  6. What would you like to know about Florida in particular? If you mean the strange strand of natural disasters around the world, then yes, it might be linked to the phenomenon. Without the data i need though, i still don’t have a proper grasp of how it works and if there’s even a pattern to begin with. So far, it’s only been highly erratic and has changed the past, present and most likely the future as well. An anomaly like the phenomenon cannot be allowed to exist, its mere presence across the timelines is a danger to the very fabric of reality itself. I don’t expect anything good to come out o
  7. I’m not quite sure why you’ve limited responses on my first post, but i suppose that i owe you an explanation that is more in depth than what i’ve already shared with you all. The origin of the number 11 was a question i was asked and it will be my pleasure to answer it. 11:11 is a sequence of number that is personal to me. It has appeared countless times in my life prior to my arrival in your timeline on October 20th, 2016. Less so ever since. I did some digging on the significance of the number and it was mostly referred to as a “warning” of sort. I’m not into numerology or any deep meani
  8. There is no “narrative.” If you need more information, i would be pleased to answer your questions. As for the monitoring part, i fail to see what you’re trying to imply. What do you mean “web tracing?” I didn’t reach out to this small community to be mocked or to make a mockery of the current situation. Everything i told you is for the benefit of my research and nothing else. Truth be told, i need more data, plain and simple. It’s not an easy subject and i’ve yet to understand how it truly function. All i know for sure is your universe is an alternate timeline, not my original timeline. It ha
  9. I’ll be honest, i don’t really know where to start. It’s going to be almost a year since it happened, but i need you to understand that unlike the man you call John Titor, i didn’t have a choice in the matter. I somehow ended up here one day and i’ve been stuck ever since. Maybe it would be easier to explain my current situation if i started from the very beginning. I want you to understand this is of major importance to me. I’m not joking or playing pretend. I imagine that some of you might have found themselves in the same situation i did in the last few years, if not recently. Before i s
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