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  1. I'll just bet lots of folks that survive will be getting whole house generators with large propane storage tanks to run the generator. And plenty of food storage for the next time this happens. I was researching the Tesla power wall. Turns out that storage system would not have worked in the cold temperatures experienced in Texas. Although solar panels would work in the cold. There is no reliable way to store the energy from the sun yet that would provide backup power in very cold climates.

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  2. 20 hours ago, TheMatrixOracle said:


    There's a pair of brown work  steel toe boots in your place.

    Can you repost your question?

    Your posted comment has not shown to me.

    Forever 21 shopping bag has the words "John 3:16" on the bottom. I'm assuming you have Forever 21 around you.

    The reason I didn't post my question is because you claimed to be a psychic. The answer to the question becomes self evident after you psychically determine the question. Your other statements about me are a complete miss.

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  3. Don't believe anything! It appears to be a psyops war. An attempt to push the gullible to the breaking point. I'm sure China would love it if we all started shooting each other. Perhaps a few nukes on Beijing would remind everyone who the real enemy is.

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  4. I am enjoying the shit show. I can't wait for bullets to start flying in the house. Apparently Republicans wont give up their firearms and continue to bypass metal detectors in the house.

    Anyone want to make a prediction on Biden's life expectancy?

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  5. I'm not going to take the vaccine gamble with my health. After the narrative updates don't match the original narrative. Just this last week I heard that a researcher at John Hopkins discovered reported deaths for this year are no higher than last years count. He noticed that the deaths from heart disease, stroke, cancer, and respiratory were down this year. But corona virus deaths were up by exactly the same amount. That fact coupled with the fact that the government pays hospitals $39,000 for each corona virus death they report. Looks like a political hoax to me. Like maybe there is no corona virus at all. So what is the vaccine really for? Are we all some big giant lab experiment?

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  6. 1 hour ago, Christina said:

    Trying to discredit someone’s mental health by misdiagnosing them without a medical degree is both brazen and tasteless.

    I have plenty of issues haha but my primary care physician as well as my therapist, and psychologist can tell you that is simply not true:)

    It’s people like you that have the REAL issues.

    Ps. It’s also pretty stupid....”Einstein”....one could even replace the word “stupid” with illegal and SLANDEROUS.

    So please, tell me what I am some more.

    I’m dyyyyyyyyying for your opinions of me 😂


    Money makes the world go round. You are being strung along for every dime you got. At least my diagnosis was for free.

  7. I would argue that we have been visited from the future. I cite the Mandela effect as evidence of visitations. The past is not as stable as we would like to think. I wouldn't be surprised if even you might know of a dead celebrity that is now back amongst the living not knowing that his/her death was already recorded previously.

  8. There is no man made climate change. That is political bullshit. You can get your telescope out and prove it to yourself. There is no greenhouse surrounding the earth. Without a greenhouse no heat can be stored. In case you didn't know, hot air rises. Any local CO2 pockets would absorb infrared heat energy and begin to rise in the atmosphere. Thus lowering the air pressure beneath it. Lower air pressure produces a cooling effect. The heat is lost in the CO2 due to gravity. The CO2 falls back to ground level and the cycle repeats.

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  9. From what I see from your post, your stop watch timer on your smart phone does not function like a real stop watch timer. I would recommend getting a real stop watch with start and stop buttons. Here is a suggestion:

    Stop Watch

    Also when you lose focus during meditation press the stop button on the stop watch. Open your eyes and log your focus time in a small log book. I would suggest visiting an office supply store for this item. Even several sheets of paper could do for your log record. Then go back to your focus meditation session and try again. Keep repeating this until your allotted meditation time slot is used up. Good luck.

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