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  1. Actually, I'm enjoying jmpet's and indazona's posts immensely. It shows there's still some intelligence left in this site(and good humor). There are jokes, and there are jokes. They don't need to be told which is which.
  2. You are absolutely right nitescott. I apologize. I was wrong. I was responding to incorrect information given to me. I have seen sosueme and peter post on Godlikeproductions. I was told that you do do and so I included you as well. That information was later corrected by this individual to mean the Conspiracy Cafe. I will make sure to research any information given to me in the future. As to the honesty expressed by Peter and sharing the information about the group that has been corresponding with Zeshua, it makes a world of difference. It does not change my opinion on that validity o
  3. Simple Nitescott, Sosuemeto, You (Peter Novak) are all regular posters at Godlikeproductions and all cover for each other as is obvious in just the last few posts. You keep harping on the same EXACT so-called prediction fulfillments that anybody could have predicted. My God, they talked about these things in the media for months!! Of course, not to mention the editing capability here at TTI and the lag between the time edited. You guys are so transparent its foolish. I, also, will do as Jmpet said he will do. I will not respond to this garbage again. When trolls like yourselves get t
  4. Impet has absolutely nothing to apologize for. Peter Novak has three different IP addresses--just on this page alone. Tracking software is useless when trying to track origins of people using proxies. For your information, it was ME who posted on Godlikeproductions pointing out that Mr. Peter Novak aka Duder, aka 535 aka Zeshua (probably part of Group Titor for all I know). This is all getting rediculous and giving TimeTravel Institute a very bad name--as bad as Godlikeproductions which is a fringe conspiracy forum that is fun to visit once in a while, but is usually a whacked out site for
  5. Well, not quite settled down. Exit stage left: http://www.cyburbiaproductions.com/Productions/Time_traveler.html
  6. Re: Freudian Ray, Although I understand what has been transpiring between you and Javier, I am a bit surprised at your level of frustration. I am not surprised that you tried to "reach" him because you are, after all, a teacher with a heart and his greatest ability is to "sidestep" much in the same way that the harlot in the Bible that drew her men into her bed of death by being "movable". In other words, Javier is amoral. His stances can change, sometimes many times in the same breath. This is what makes "the TTA"(ugh)(I hate enabling him even in a minor way as this), unreachable.
  7. Interesting. I was just reading a book writen in the middle 1800's that was discussing the (supposedly) heretical idea of the Trinity. In a nutshell, it was discussing the paganistic origins of the Trinity doctrine and the early Christian history which shows that this was not evident in the early teachings of the church. In other words, the Dark Ages produced a theory that the Father preexisted before anything was, and that the Son was "begotten"--and therefore had a beginning. the same goes with the origins of the Spirit. Of course, she claims that they were of "one substance" and, the
  8. This post is not half bad, it is just difficult to make sense of it as it is written. However, to present yourself as above others or to speak in the third person will most definitely put you on shaky ground. I don't see you as insane--or a false prophet. These are obviously deep seated feelings and thoughts, but even Jesus laid Himself down lower than the lowest sinner. He did not place Himself above others as you are doing here. I like your thoughts. I just don't like your method. If you persist, of course, to the claims section you must go!! I have taken the liberty to correct gram
  9. Only one catch. If, at some point "in between" the speed of light at point A, and the speed of light at Point B, the distance is "shortened", then in the final analysis, the "average speed of light would, of course, be "faster" than the speed of light. This is exactly what happens in the double-slit experiment where light "reaches" the destination before it is actually sent. Of course, there is a vortex "doorway" in between that "proves" that effect can actually happen before cause. It's kind of difficult to wrap our minds around this, but it does not make it untrue nonetheless. Therefo
  10. katpepul, Welcome to the forum. Being a long-haired "freak" from the sixties, I was a huge fan of Iron Butterfly. Like many other groups of the time, they were much more than just musical groups. They were "voices" of the generation that was completely misunderstood and corruped in the years that followed. They were "psychedelic" in that they experienced first-hand what it meant to have their consciousness "expanded". I believe that this period in time was a "great earthquake" that has been prophesied. This period changed the whole world and made the search for "life, the universe and
  11. "If this doesn't make perfect sense, you might as well stop reading now because your brain is full of plaster and you are wearing a blindfold and ear plugs." I guess my brain is full of plaster and I have a huge blindfold on and ear plugs. This makes no sense to me at all. As a matter of fact (pun?), statements made within the document show that many, if not most, predictions were not fulfilled (at least in the manner told). I respect your (his?) opinions here, especially since I have been down this road also. It is interesting stuff (at the very least about human nature and how we re
  12. Re: World War IV - The War of INTENTION Hey Rainman, Thanks for the link on warfare. I had a big laugh over it--not because it is funny but for its irony. It is totally relevant and (ahem) timely. Not surprisingly, not only is it evident that the locals in Lebanon perceive the the warfare as having been WON by Hezbollah--it is also quite evident HERE that there was an apparent victory by Hezbollah that will be HUGE unless our perceptions can change in regards to what the enemy's intentions are. As the article mentions, it was brilliant as well as diabolical on the part of the "resist
  13. The CPE, Unfortunately, many of your "claims" could place you side-by-side with the "fools" in the claims section. For all we know, your engineering degree could be "sanitary engineering" with a hobby in "phisics" (what my mother used to call it when taking a laxative.) With all due respect, your "theories" are full of holes and lack sophistication in purely predictable ways. As Rainmantime has already stated, most of what you are talking about revolves completely around the "romantic" versions of what time-travel would appear to be. I could easily take most of your "arguments" abou
  14. Hey OvrLord, Lots of interesting clues here but I narrowed it down to a few that seem really pertinent. "Time and space here are moving in circles." Interesting choice of words here. In my minds eye, I perceive it in much the same way I perceive how the geologic column is actually constructed. Of course, the backbone of evolutionary theory has a great deal to do with the geological column. This is prety much how science plays the movie backwards to get a (very) general idea about the eras that the earth has passed through. Core samples can give us a great deal of information, but
  15. Hey Thomas, Actually, something did just jump out at me concerning the four creatures and it was the concept that I had remarked about in my short piece on Ezekiel. It was about the four faces and how no matter how hard we tried, we would only be able to perceive the one face which was facing us. No matter which tool we use, we cannot look beyond the veil. It is simply beyond our ability to "see" how one entity can have all these completely unique "worldviews" and still remain to our understanding as a single "person". In each one of those personas, a specific attribute was accentuated
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