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  1. Re: Pridiction Hello Mayak1, This is not accurate. There will be nothing significant happening to Russia in September of this year.
  2. Re: FYI: War of The Worlds 193x Hello mayak1, I understand that abnormal weather and quakes are localised and are not affecting enough people as a whole at present. I have mentioned before that Luna's orbit around the Earth is being affected by the Anomaly and this is something that everybody can track on a regular basis. Luna (or what is still called The Moon in this time) typically has a slight orbital inclination to the ecliptic of 5 degrees. While Luna orbits the Earth, it is the Sun that dictates this inclination. With the Anomaly approaching from the direction of the Sun from
  3. Hello there, I hope this answers your question to your satisfaction. You have misunderstood. Nobody is judging or testing you. Your choices on how you live your life determines the path of your soul. We are not sure exactly what the spirit guides are. Not even The Visitors we are in contact with know that. That information is only for beings in the much higher densities. What we do know that in this density, they place the souls in lives that would give them the opportunity to learn the lesson they need based on the souls development. We have very limited information on this pro
  4. We are preparing one and will release it soon.
  5. The New England area is one of the more safer areas in the US. It still suffered from major ground shaking but not as severe as other places. There is another positive for this region..... the tectonic re-adjustment that occurred around the world caused the St. Lawrence Seaway to widen. The rocky land was pushed up and gained elevation of around 500-550 feet but the polar melt took back what was gained plus another 150-200 feet. Therefore, homes that are today 150-200 feet above the coast line found themselves right on the coast line. Dome structures are strong but that is not the concern.
  6. Hi Recall, I will give details about the Mayans in a later post.
  7. Many people will look to the Government for help when it is obvious something is wrong. As recorded in my history, during the final weeks before the Pole Shift when it was obvious something was up (I will be discussing the final weeks in detail in the next post) the Police and Military tried to stop people from leaving the cities so the Government and Elite could easily leave. But not everybody was trying to leave, those in denial stayed and tried to go on with their lives and/or waited for the Government to come to their rescue. Eventually, the Police and Military "grew a conscious" and le
  8. Those are difficult questions without knowing more but consider this..... is not telling this person because you fear how he/she will affect others in your group in the aftermath or because it is easier for you not to tell him? You have to understand that your actions dictate your orientation not your thoughts. You may have good intentions but it is whether you act on them that is the true test. If you think about being a volunteer or something like that and you think it is a good thing to do but you don't act on it then it is meaningless. Being Service to Other means that you think and
  9. You definitely do not want to be underground during the Pole Shift. The quakes will either crush the installation you are in..... or seal you in. My next post will outline the best way to ride out the actually pole shift.
  10. A small boat will not survive the chaos of the Pole Shift event but you can use one in the aftermath. Although there is mountainous regions in Malaysia I do not recommend that you remain there. It will be overcrowded and resources will be limited. Many from that general region made it by boat to Australia or made for Laos/Macau. The later is closer to you and when you get there ensure that you move inland as quickly as possible. Do NOT head towards what is today west towards the Bay of Bengal/India region. Also you would probably know that travelling by boat can take a long time and even th
  11. Re: Surviving In The Aftermath Hello virtualgirl, My original incursion to this time period was to find John and our communication on this forum then was attempt to coax a response after all other location methods failed. I only have basic knowledge of who he interacted with and know the key things he told people on the TT fourm. When he was finally located, I took him along with the C204 back to my time but I did not debrief him myself. But much of what he says was questionable due to his condition. I have only seen him a couple of times since then when I went to visit him at his car
  12. Hi Recall15, There are none in either of those locations. There is a small colony of Visitors (who are STO orientated) living on Earth in this density in the Gobi Desert. It serves as a co-ordination centre for the thousands of Visitors who have come to help those people who are calling out subconscious to guidance (ie: The Call) because the sense something big is coming. The facility also has the ability to house about 60 ships. The other alien installation near Earth is the one on the side of Lunar that is permanently facing away from Earth and is operated by the STS.
  13. A Service to Self group of aliens has a facility there which exists in the 4th density. No. Lunar was originally a satellite of a young Anomaly or Nibiru. During the chaotic early solar system when the Anomaly first entered it passed by Earth which was larger, a total water planet back then and in the orbit that the asteriod belt exists in today. When it passed by Earth, a satellite of Nibiru slammed into the Earth spewing out water and rock into space and caused a massive dent in the Earth in what is today the Pacific Ocean. The rocky surface of the Earth is not perfectly round because
  14. Re: Surviving In The Aftermath Not directly. UFO sightings having been sharply increasing over the past decade and there are so many people that have seen one now and are sure it is a UFO that Governments who deny just look stupid. They either start releasing documents like England has done and they will stay silent about the matter like the US Government will. There is much of the Titor story that you are unaware of (like side effects he suffered from using the C204 device when the whole project was about to be scrapped after it failed bio-integrity testing) but will be happy to e
  15. Re: Surviving In The Aftermath Hi Luis, No matter which timeline, there was only ever one point when the Anomaly caused the Pole Shift. There is nothing that can cause a planet to arrive early. Changes to planetary movements requires a significant event and none has happened to my knowledge.
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