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  1. How many "others" did the "leap" here with you?
  2. I agree that the term covers tons of things which is why it is being misused. Covid-19 is what should be being tested for but who knows what they are testing for at this point. I think that it is a health issue, maybe not a pandemic but still an issue due to public unknowns and newness of it all. The other issues that I see: When people are die and the data is collected are they labeling it as Covid 19 if that was not the actual cause of the death. In order for data collected to be used appropriately then the data needs to NOT have subjectivity. I have nurse friends who have tol
  3. In my opinion, the speed that they are doing the creation of the test and the fact that they are fairly new tests (like @Mayhem said) should cause pause for people. They have not had enough time to test them before they went out to the public and started mass production of them. I just hope that they do not do this for the vaccine for it. The tests have to be continuously modified as the new "versions" and modifications keep surfacing for the virus. These new versions that surface are normal virology but you cannot modify the test until the modified version has been found in a host. This m
  4. It was not really covered on the East Coast. The West Coast though seemed to have a little more coverage of this though.
  5. So everyone gets colds and the sniffles every so often, right? Everyone is miserable, has to take time off work or school, pollute our system with medications that make us feel funny, and hope that we feel better asap. What if I told you that an Austrian scientist, Rudolf Valenta, has created a vaccine for the common cold and it could be on the market in less than a decade!?! Rudolf Valenta is even to the point where he has registered a patent and is working on selecting the most viable candidate for testing. This development could be exciting and significant since Valenta is confident that
  6. I agree with everyone said so far but the genetic aspect is possibly a factor as well in a round about way. It is more along the lines of biosocial criminological theory. Biosocial criminological theory states that crime and antisocial behavior can be explained by looking at biological factors (genetics, neurology, ecology, evolution, psychology, etc) AND environmental factors (exposure, location, guidance, etc). The theory then postulates that if you are genetically at risk, then the disadvantageous environment that you are exposed to will lead to high antisocial behaviors in turn leading to
  7. I have had all of soylent products before. And I can drink one bottle and feel full most of the day. I probably will drink it 6 times (half a bottle each time) per day because I always felt too full if I drank the whole one in one sitting. This might change once my body adapts to only having Soylent. We will see though.
  8. Halovesya posted a new blog entry A breathalyzer that can test for 17 major and common diseases https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dhOaArOYdM Check this out! Have you ever wished there was a super easy way to detect diseases that affect so many people around the world? What if I told you that there is a new device that analyzes the chemical signature of the gasses that an individual exhales to detect and diagnose diseases!? Scientists from the Israel Institute of Technology have created technology that is now able to "sniff" out diseases and disorders. During recent trials, this device
  9. Ah okay. Sent using the TTI Forums mobile app
  10. What is the significance of 1 and 4? Sent using the TTI Forums mobile app
  11. Halovesya posted a new blog entry Ghost Encounters, Part 1 The topic of ghost encounters is one that elicits a variety of reactions from people. We have non-believers, pretend believers, the maybes, the who the hell cares, the believers, and the experienced. Everyone has their individual opinion, idea or belief about ghosts, the afterlife, and the “other side.” I hope that what I am about to share with you will be met with the same respect we here at Curious Cosmos extend to everyone’s beliefs and that you'll have an open mind. This entry is the first in a series of seven in wh
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