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  1. Re: Cosmological shape proposed for M+ Creedo, you said: *<>* It sounds more like your making your case to your Alien masters, NOT to historians. *<What we are looking at here, are not normal hieroglyphic concerning these advanced large apes.>>* Creedo you dare betray your own kind, attempt to bargain your way with your Alien masters and generalize humanity as being large apes? You are an excellent example of the lowest kind of human being there can possibly be, and you are it's king. *<* You've invaded people's minds, you've sexually harassed almost e
  2. Re: Cosmological shape proposed for M+ Well it took you long enough to render an apology to Raid for your inappropriate comments to him. It almost makes you seem like a person for doing that. But if that were true, why did it take you a week and many posts later after your last post that sparked it, to do so now? I don't think you're really sorry Daniel, I just think you're sorry you got caught and have no other choice. For the truth of the matter is Daniel, your not a man of character who takes responsibility for his actions, your just a rat trying to escape a sinking ship.
  3. Re: Subject string Daniel, you prove my point. It must of finally hit you that historians will look back on your posts and label you a nut job. They sure are going to have a hard time figuring out what you said now in those posts... but erasing them from history doesn't seem to bother you, as long as your image is concerned, nor will it matter to history seeing that you tried covering something up. To bad you can't delete all your guilty posts to prevent them from figuring you out as a pervert… But I will make it a point to copy and paste your new posts next time... You know, for history'
  4. Re: A good carwax is a good freind Daniel, What the heck does this have to do with anything? You're not just offensive and perverted, but you're also ignorant and insulting. Do you think that by generalizing to me what a typical Mexican family may do for traditions and giving me your pathetic spiel of what you experienced in Mexico means anything at all? I haven't been to Mexico in years and that is not the only blood that pumps through my veins. I am also Chinese… does that mean you'll give me a description of what a Chinese get together is like, say what your favorite Chi
  5. Daniel you sick frreaak, if this isn't an example of your inappropriateness, of making perverted sexual scenarios and innuendo's of the posters here and making them feel uncomfortable, your obviously a very strange and sick little man. For you see Daniel, the truth of the matter is -that you expect historians to look back at your posts for information, but you have failed to realize that history will also look back at them and see you for the kind of person you really are. -TTA
  6. Re: Retork, board problems one days posting: Warrior381, Do not use the Lords name in vain when referring to the TTA. Especially in the context where you stand here using it to defend a corrupted man such as Creedo. You know not of the victims he's violated. Of the bull crap he's spewed. And of the insanity his soul is tortured by. You do not speak of Christian understanding and compassion, but of liberalism and acceptance of immorality. But of course, if you feel that you have something to say to the TTA, then by all means, just bring it! The TTA already knows who he's facing..
  7. Re: Retork, board problems one days posting: *<Setting the record straight:Know that a major work on how Earth did function as told by Barbara Marciniack, was refuted in the FIGU web site. Barb's Earth The Pleiadean Keys book was very accurate and told of structures that work in people's live here, as part of the plans are put together. Ptaah had refuted what Barbara Marciniack had said, within the character of her book, which should raise and eyebrow to all>>* Huh? *<>* Talk about making an @$$ out of your self. Do you really think this damage control can take
  8. Re: Additional notation PX After 3 boring minutes, the TTA says quit you're whining and get a life. Trust me, now one is going to miss you if you stop posting here. Not to mention, that no one will care. You've been a passive thorn in everyone's @$$ for many years here Daniel. You've threaten to bring your alien daddy and destroy those who oppose you, you've cursed and wished harm onto others, and you've gone as low as to even bring in people's personal thoughts and exploit them and make little perverted scenario's out of them. Darby, Pamela, and CAT can attest to that. You w
  9. Re: Tell the maggot Hahaha Creedo :) do you actually think that you can hurt me? Please son, get real! Your even more pathetic and desperate for attention and recognition by your Alien Masters then I thought. Your such a kiss @$$ though, and this clearly shows your true colors. You want to come on here, and threaten people who can give a clear and accurate assessment to the Alien agenda? You want to discuss it without opposition and challenge and call anyone who questions you a maggot and cry like a little #$%*! just because your insecure in your own self that they may have a poin
  10. Re: More recient notation But who cares Creedo? Only your little green Aliens from other realms do. And if actual people do come and open your thread, that doesn't mean they read all the dribble in them. *<* No, did you? Maybe it was the cleaning lady who moved them :eek: *<>* Why I am the TTA is so that people in the present, not history; see's the Time Travel threat as a perversion of all that we ever believed and accomplished. A turn in the wrong direction that will condemn man for everything that he stands for, freewill will be nothing but an illusion. *&l
  11. Re: More recient notation Creedo, I hope you do know that no one actually cares what your posting. It's got no basis to anything or anyone's ideas here, but your own. If you need a forum to talk to your self, why not pull up a chair and sit in front of a mirror. Because if anyone actually responds to you here, you will continue your long winded self-dialogue that is pretty pathetic and sorry to see, if it's not obvious to you yet that no one gives a crap :) . -TTA
  12. Another dream. Today the TTA has had yet another weird dream. This one has to do with hanging out at the beach late one night. Where this huge aluminum block puzzle stood balanced on the sand. Once I solved it, it was able to turn into anything. It turned into a ship, then it turned into a medical building. Without going into much detail of the female company, the TTA was then put onto a machine. A needle was inserted into my left shoulder, and attached to a dark green rectangle'er machine. Once this machine was turned on, my entire left side was frozen and I could not move. I kne
  13. Re: Dont poke a hornets nest....??! Creedo, The TTA says; Darby is a big boy and can fight his own battles. I know you consider him your friend, but your embarrassing him. And who would want to be embarrassed, much less by you :) . Xanadar, As much as I hate to agree with creedo, there are TOS (terms of service) that we have to abide by. The TTA doesn't need to be the effect of another irrational impetuous act and get banned again. Imagine the catastrophe that would cause, by denying this forum the TTA. It was silent for months once I was gone, and creedo was the only one
  14. Re: Grok! You wouldn't be the first who has requested an asylum from the TTA. That reminds me, where is Trans at :) ? -TTA
  15. Re: Grok! Xanadar, Say what you will about Darby & Creedo, but leave CAT and Edison out of this. They are new and have not been here long enough to have read every post in your threads. Therefore, excuse them for picking up on the discussion where it left off. They did nothing wrong by asking critical questions on the information you supplied. And according to you because they so asked, that makes them falling for false data? They didn't fall for anything, only questioned it as it's meaning were hypothetically possible. Of course no one here can truly know and say for sure if some
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