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  1. ummm, actually, I read all of Titor's stuff I could find, and he said 2005, then changed to 2004. And actually, the Electoral College decides who becomes President-the people's votes tell the members of the Electoral College who is popular. So, technically, the people's votes don't matter. And if Gore actually won, why did he keep protesting? He was trying to trip people up, and keep Bush out of the White House for as long as possible. Transient001-Titor said that the difference between his "worldline" and ours was really quite small, and the war should infact take place-the differences were so small, Titor felt they(the differences) would not effect a change between worldlines.
  2. What was the point of all this? First, your thread title was "Chronological Protection". Then, you talk about an old show on BBC Then, you talk about Back to the Future. Throughout, backwards babble which makes no sense whatsoever. Try to find a point-and then stick to it. And time is not linear.
  3. I haven't studied Physics for a long while, so I could be wrong - but I don't think that the speed of light is actually an attainable speed. True - time slows down as you approach this speed but also your mass also increases therefore meaning that the faster you go, the more energy you need to go even faster. That's right- Einstein's equation "e=mc^2" (energy=mass times the speed of light squared). How much mass you have times the speed of light(186,000 miles per second-I think) equals how much energy you need to reach the speed of light. Problem is, the faster you go, the more mass you have. The more mass you have, the more energy for speed you need. The more speed(which you get from the energy) you have, the more mass you get, etc... The speed of light is impossible to attain by yourself(or in a space ship). So you'd need something which has those inherent qualities of lightspeed(theoretically-a wormhole). Now, I read recently that supposedly, as you near the centre(the middle) of the wormhole, you suddenly are on the other side(It's impossible to reach the absolute centre). So, if two spaceships were heading right at each other, before they hit, suddenly they've passed each other, and are each on their way out. Now, this is supposedly when you attain(and pass) light speed, and end up on the other side of the galaxy. But the theory goes, that if you were to break out of the worm hole, before reaching the end, this would send you on a journey through time(how to control the trip-I don't know). Or, if you wanted to time travel(I hate that phrase-I don't believe that time is linear-it just appears that way, 'cause we're only traveling in one direction), you could just do it like Kirk did on star trek, and do a slingshot around the sun at warp 9.99 :)
  4. Re: a matter of quantum signatures "Well, in order for everything to be layed out as a big universal plan, you can't actually have free will." I don't agree. I think that it's both-a big universal plan, but you have free will. It's like, you're planning on going on a trip, say to Alaska. In reality, you've already gone, but your path, how you do it, hasn't been written. Will you drive? Fly a plane? Sail a boat? The "What" is written, but not the "How". Alluding to the car crash example, you know you're going to die in a car crash tomorrow, because someone from the future told you so. So, the next day, you do everything possible to avoid a car crash. You stay at home, for example. But when the car crash is supposed to happen, a car comes flying through your window, and you're dead. You knew the "what", but not the "how". Man always has free will. If you didn't, then everything would be an accident. Is it an accident that you wore blue pants instead of black ones? Or green socks rather than purple(me, I'd usually go with white-and that's my choice). You've been planning on a vacation for a year in advance. When you finally go, was it an accident? Nope-you chose to go. That's Free Will.
  5. No, that was John Ritter(with t's). He passed away late October or early Novemeber(the same day as Johnny Cash). John Titor was very good at manipulating people(or he was a time traveler). But the evidence points to the former. The American Civil War supposedly starts in 2005. Then he said 2004. But he said that if you have any doubts, they'll be gone in 2008. But why in 2008. This war will have been going for quite some time. Who would have doubts that there is a war going on in our own country for three or four years? I mean, he said he was born in 1998. And he joined the military at 13(which is in 2011). So he didn't have doubts. His family didn't have doubts. His parents didn't have a problem sending him to fight when he was 13. Kinda odd. But who would have doubts? I don't think that's plausible.
  6. It's an psychological response to the unknown. It's dark under the bed. There could be something hiding in the dark What if there is something in the dark under the bed? You know, I think there might be something under the bed! Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! The human mind is wired to ask questions-so when your mind has a question that no one can answer satisfactorily("There isn't a monster there now, but there might be tomorrow!"), the subconscious comes up with an answer for itself.
  7. "Look at the Merlin story...it was a myth, but who knows?" Merlin wasn't a wizard. He wasn't english. Walt Disney never does anything right. Merlin(Ambrosius Merlinnus) was a Welsh prophet and Military commander who servered under 4 kings(Vortigern, can't remember, Uther Pendragon, and Arthur). Merlin served under Arthur filling the Roman role(in war) as the "Draconarius"(Dragon-bearer). Merlin carried the Red Dragon of Wales into the battles. When the Dragon roared and breathed fire(not really-I believe it was a flag, or pennant of some type), the sky turned red, and the Welsh forces would rally behind Merlin, and charge into the Angle, Saxon, and Jute armies(the germanic invaders who poured into Albion when the Roman forces left to defend Rome itself). Merlin predicted his own death, and he predicted the war(and it's outcome) between the Celtic Welsh/Scots vs. Angles, Saxons, and Jutes. He was called a "Wizard" to create anti-sentiment. The opposition(France) didn't like him-but commoners did. But they didn't like wizards. So they called him a wizard. He wasn't a wizard. He was a Christian priest. Christianity came to Albion(Celtic name of England because of the White Cliffs of Dover-Albion means "White"-that's where we get "Albino") during Roman occupation(which lasted about 500 years). Watching a Disney movie doesn't give you a degree in History. And I think you've been watching "The Matrix" a little too much. "Free Your Mind" doesn't work in this Revolution. Sorry.
  8. Orient yourself to the center of the galaxy, and mark a point at which you wish to be when you arrive. Then, when you do, you will be there, even if the Milky Way Galaxy is moving. Fixing your position relative to the center will not be messed with by other movements because you are moving along with it. No, you won't be in the *exact* place from which you left, but you will be relative to everything around you.
  9. indifference, Your bug-thing has been explained, but your theory about the canopy of stuff hanging around, but it's not there anymore-that corresponds to the Christian Bible(Noah and the flood-how else would it rain for 40 days and 40 nights?) And carbon-dating is bogus. You need the *parent* element to determine how old the object is. But you don't know how much of the parent element was originally there. All you have is the daughter element(s)-so you don't know how old the thing is. And swiftinfo-is it possible for the "star" that the magi saw to have been just that-a star?(going supernova). They "followed" it(parallax) untill they found what the Sciptures prophecied-a baby lying in a feeding trough, wrapped in death clothes, in the City of David.
  10. No, no, it's real-I just can't give it to you.
  11. "Hmmm...what would be a good place to mark [x,y,z,] = 0 that won't move too much?" The center of the galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy is rotating, yes. So orient yourself to the axis of the rotation(i.e. the center of the galaxy). I would use a space ship. Mark your distance relative to the center of the galaxy, locate the temporal coordinates, program them into your temporal jump device, and go.(Do it out in space, so you can get up to 88 mph-just kidding!)
  12. Re: perverts on the rise! Xanadar, you know what I find humorous? The Judeo-Christian God talked to people directly. Your "alien master" has to use a milton-bradley game board. ____________________________________________***_____________________________________________________ *** Who/what is this "TTA"?
  13. There is no "backward time 'travel'" Time is not linear. Time is not a road on which you are driving. Time is a dirt path, with stepping stones, with which you can go either direction. Each stepping stone is a moment in time. Jumping stones meanes farther leaps into the "past". This is true-all molecules are spinning(fluxing-slightly changing). The You that is reading this Now, is not the same You that is reading this Now. The Me that is typing this Now, is not the Me typing the Now that I just typed. That is not the same computer Now that it is Now that You are reading Now. Each stepping stone is a Now. Do You understand Me Now? There is no "Time Travel",forwards or back. It is, shall we say, "Now jumping" and you just have to choose which direction you want to go on the path(and to figure out how to do that).
  14. free981, your statement of "the future may not have happened yet, but the past has" is incorrect-the future has happened, we just haven't gotten there yet. How are you trying to send signals back in time to yourself?
  15. No, you can't go back and meet yourself(you could, but really not recommended, as it results in death). If you go back in time, and come face to face with yourself, that's a paradox. And paradox's can't exist, so the universe remedies the problem--get rid of one of them. But which one? Your past self is supposed to be there(in that particular moment in time), and your future self isn't. So the universe destroys your future self, because you aren't supposed to be there. Your past self grows older, and if you go back in time as your future self, you die, just like you did in the past. So unless you change what happens, you will die(this results in alternate timelines, one in which you did go back and you die, and the other you don't go back and you live-but in both cases, you were visited by your future self).
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