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  1. When you split particles atoms and matter what is alive or dead positive or negative imagine a timeline where there was no religion...the fear of life and death would be greatly effected....cloning wouldn't be against god if there was no religion.....imagine there is more than 1 titor in the timeline before someone created religion.......what if time itself was just a measure of control sent back through time when you ask a time traveller what year they are from that could vary dependent on what the next traveller achieved 20 years ago 2036 could have only been as technologically advanced a
  2. Yes I agree Jesus died for our sins and no 1 man deserves so much authority or power I'm just trying to make logical sense of how the profit Daniel predicted my sons birth year Jesus predicted when during a solar eclipse 21/5/2012....and died in the sign of 7 s 17/7 as predicted in the book of revelations.......also how profit Daniel predicted I would come in the 70th week of Daniel...I didn't even know what that was......all I know is my father invented digital data algorithms 30 years after we received live feed from the moon....? We were analog until 1993 My son suffered an adverse re
  3. Hi could this war of been caused by dogma..... I am son of inventor of digital data gpsr transfer Director of what once was 177th regiment I am meant to be leader of 8 religions and I'm father of the second coming Something put me in the deep end because I havnt travelled
  4. hi my name is David John Adams I am the son of one of the greatest inventors of our age 1989 my father whilst working for telecom Australia Mathmatically calculated an algorithm that converted analog wired signal via Base station transceiver tech to any point globally via GPS satelite whilst using a 6 digit numeric code to coordinate digital data transfer What I am saying is he invented digital data gpsr transfer And patented his 2g GSM base station globally 10 patents That have accumulated over $13trillion from 2001 10 days after 9/11 my father became soul owner of glo
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