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  1. THE FINAL FLIGHT OF AIR FORCE ONE: By Dwayne Adams NOVEMBER 23, 1963 Dallas, Texas The moment William Greer drove the limousine west on Elm Street and passed the Texas Book Depository Building, his third eye began to throb. He looked at his wrist and saw the time on his watch: 12:23 pm. “Well, Mr. President. You can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you…” he overheard the governor’s wife, Nellie Connally saying, as she turns around and looks at Jack Kennedy in the back of the limo with First Lady, Jackie. “No, you certainly can’t.” said the president. The sound of a firecracker rang
  2. Haven't seen any Grays...but I have seen UFOs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjrV11s0wzI
  3. After collecting the Chrononaut Report from Marjorie, Agent Li must deliver it to the Order of Cronus. With limited protection and no backup, the agent must escape the 3rd dimension before psychic vampires find him. Short Story: The Last Report pt.II
  4. Thanks for taking the time to read my story. Greatly appreciated. Majorie's role in all of this will be explained in the third part. Hope you will read that too. Take care!
  5. Thank you so very much for your feedback and well wishes, brother! I will check out Another Roadside attraction asap.
  6. It all ended on September 11, 2001. I remember watching the second plane crashing into the other tower, live on television. I jumped out of my chair and yelled, “OH NO!” As cheesy as it sounds, those were the words that came out my mouth. Fear infected me as well as millions of others around the world. What if we were next, I asked myself everyday after the attacks. One day, while at my job, as an orderly, a man (early 50’s) whose mother I was caring for that day, started a strange conversation with me about corruption in the world and the need for special people to counter that corrupti
  7. First thing that drew me into this story was the presence of the number 23. I've researched the 23 enigma and experience the effects of it on a daily basis. Second, it made me think of the story of the man who gets a letter from himself in the future, and has to live out his days until he gets to the date in the future again, and sends the letter...a loop. Perhaps that is what is going in this tale. The author is taking us through a loop.
  8. When the future of 2015 is threatened by the death of president, John F. Kennedy, in the past, a time traveler sends their mind back in time, to warn the Order of Cronus, in 1963, three days before the assassination. Things go wrong when the time traveler ends up in the body of a drug addicted, schizophrenic. See what happens in the prequel series, to my upcoming novel. Short Story: The Last Report pt. I
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