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  1. As you may already know back in the early 50's I was serving in the united states army during the Korean war.I was nver shipped out of the United states and served most of my tenure with the army on Montauk island, Montauk island was a research base they were more famously know now adays a center for studying the effects of drugs on the human mind and also hypnotic suggestion. During my tour of duty with the Montauk island naval guard , I was awoken late at night to a high pitched sound in my ears, when I tried to move I found I was strapped to a table and had a large helmet type thing on m
  2. http://www.nationstates.net/ thought you guys might want to check this out,im playing it right now.here is my country,if you decide to play let me know what your country is. post it like I posted mine.bye! The People's Republic of Dacho "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" UN Category: Left-wing Utopia Civil Rights: Excessive Economy: Developing Political Freedoms: Superb Location: Shadowrealms The People's Republic of Dacho is a tiny, socially progressive nation, renowned for its strong anti-business politics. Its compassionate, intelligent population of 6 mi
  3. ? Creedo you are awfully threatening today! Im trying to figure out what I said so badly to DARBY, are you going to kill me Creedo? what will I begin to regret? It's ok take deep breaths count to ten..thats right relax and think of XANADAR!!!
  4. Re: Grok! I have nothing against you ENFORCER, lets have a fresh start? I dont have anything agaisnt anyone here, I just dont agree with many people, and I question everything.
  5. Grok! Darby thou art retarded!!! Can you not see what was happening? how easily you guys fell into my story,believed every word hanging on a thread of hope that it is all true , no ENFORCER you had nothing to do with breaking the story, CAT/DARBY/EDISON you can store your imagination in a bag ,you had nothing to do with breaking the story. what proof do you have that it isnt true? what proof that it is real? once again you take what I say to be of whole truths...once again XANADAR is ressurected!!!
  6. Re: perverts on the rise! how dramatic...I can see how you go about your own daily life now. ONE GIANT SOAP OPERA!!! you obviously have trouble comprehending a bad joke,more like a jibe at your limited intelligence...why in gods name are you guys so dull? you believe everything i say!!!
  7. Re: I'm more perfect than a rose! Today I awoke to find that the message XANADAR was sending involved me telling the world that it is all a hoax...to many people are gathering information on XANADAR and I'm afraid that now my daughter and wife have to go into hiding.ENFORCER has created a machine that is interfering with my meditations! we are heading to Texas to wait out the coming storm. Good news! some of the information XANADAR has been sending me relates to AXA and XANADAR wanting to have a giant orgy with my family, Praise XANADAR!!! tonight I will begin the orgy, may jupi
  8. World religion... how does it make me a gimp to concoct a theory and a working model for a religion? I will continue to preach the theory and religion of XANADAR in other circles. I am hoping to get more people involved in the idea/concept so in oder to create a phenomenon, I need more writers and artists/photographers to help me create this idea...wish me luck? L.Ron.Hubbard here I come!!!
  9. Grog hey rockstar what part of hoax do you not understand? I dont have any children nor any affiliation with ouija boards, XANADAR doesnt exist. anyways I still dont believe yor half-baked theorys. yeah so what about different stages of mankind, what is your point? like 100 years ago we werent as tall and didnt live as long did that make us any less mankind,or did it make us alien crossbreeds because most of humanity died at 42 years old.boing boing?!?!?! of course the ancient egyptians were different they lived ina small little river valley thousands of years ago without knowl
  10. ... oh jesus fucken christ you are the biggest moron on the planet. cant you see? XANADAR is a hoax...all the ideas and thoughts the concepts are false ,they never existed, there is no XANADAR there is no 8 year old daughter, no wife no ouija boards no gateways beyond jupiter , no secrets no myth. you have believed like everything else in your life ,wholeheartedly and spoonfed the myths that other people feed you. there is not a individual thought in your body ,beyond what people write in your crap new age religions and your alien x-files handbooks, your whole hearted belief in
  11. bah! bah!!! no alien or angels have ever been to earth or built anything here. so I guess you assume things like angkhor wat temple were made by aliens ,this building is just as majestic and wonderful as the pyramids ,with just as many architectual feats as stone henge, why not this building then? why is the WTC something of man ,yet a pile of rocks is made by aliens,you would think the aliens would have used something nicer than local desert stone to construct their buildings,they have shown that these buildings can be made,yes its hard,but not impossible. yeah yeah like everythin
  12. Garthrog... If it be then that you fear me, and my words I will follow XANADAR... persecution for my beliefs and a feeling that whatever I say will be twisted and misconstrued, an overbearing sense of intolerance from "ENFORCERS" the very name speaks of lack of individuality, the very feeling of being ENFORCED to believe in ideas and ideals that reek of the previous century. Fallen angels ..bah..please tell me another story, have you seen these fallen ones? great floods and gods wrath is perception of the victors? We will not be swayed by your one world control systems, we will
  13. Re: TTA, The Majestic Message Parlor, Hollywood & Vine LOL !!! Like I said before my daughter stumbled upon my board, I dont condone ,but now that its out I might as well teach her how to think about what is happening , my entire family is having this happen to them! what am I supposed to do ? O.k if it makes you happy we will burn the ouija board tonight, just let me know if this is what you want, I will test this theory that XANADAR and AXA might be demons, I will discontinue meditations and listening to XANADAR ,ill let my wife and kid do the same. How can we prove XANADAR i
  14. XANADARRADANAX You still have done nothing but insult both me and creedo. Is there not a bit of rational thought within your crown ? and when I am saying that XANADAR will destroy you and rule our world im mainly exaggerating, XANADAR has never said or even really said anything to me beyond what I intercept, It's quite a passive happening. Did I choose to be apart of this plan? no it just happened. Do I worship an ouija board? no but it helps to have a ready available alphabet around.i'd use a computer if that worked,I'd use flash cards if they worked, the ouija board is the best w
  15. And a time came in the present when all men would be subjuagted by the "TIME ENFORCERS" they would use their powers of control to wipe minds and create a society of dimwitted drones and meat slaves. The TIME ENFORCERS would think they were working towards the common good of mankind,but the victims of the atrocitys would call out in terror and speak forth in ghostly voices "humanity do not be swayed by one who uses so much vile anger to portend his ideas." What was to be for all mankind ,the method of free travel through time ,the method of free thought freed from our flesh or energy soul
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